Earning a principalship degree overseas

Does anyone know if it is possible to earn a principalship degree in Taiwan at a university that would be valid in the United States?

Unfortunately, in the U.S. the only way to make really good money in education is to leave the classroom and be an administrator

I want to start working on that degree, but I really don’t feel like going back to the U.S.

There are more and more institutions in the US offering online programs for a master’s degree in Educational Administration now. Just do a little Googling and you should be able to come up with quite a few.

while that does sound great, i actually would love to do a real face to face program, and was hoping someone had some insight into something like this existing in Taiwan

Well, different but related question: are there any universities in Taiwan that you know of that are for sure world wide acknowledged to be amazing or something? Like i think Beijing University in China is supposed to be amazing, and any degree you get there will be acknowledged anywhere, but i am not totally sure

Tai Da is in the top 100.

I doubt very much that there is a comparable educational administration degree available in Taiwan that would be recognized for the purpose of getting an admin cert in the States, though, certification requirements being what they are. Maybe I’m wrong, but I doubt it. Plus, the whole psychology of educational administration is different in Taiwan anyway.

You won’t find what you’re looking for here in Taiwan. Best bet is to go home and do it.

If you are dead set on being an administrator back home you’re best bet is to go home and get started now. I know all states are different but I think most require you actually be a teacher before you move into any kind of admin role. Hopefully you’re a licensed teacher at home at the very least already. Otherwise you have a long road ahead of you. You have to get certified in the state you want to teach, do your time in the trenches, I’d say at least 5 years before you can even think about applying for vice-principal jobs, and get that education admin degree. Your time throwing the sticky ball at Happy Kids Buxiban won’t mean anything when applying for admin jobs by the way. Your local experience will mean everything.

My father has been a principal for over 15 years, before that he was a teacher for 10 years.