Earning 'regular' back

I think if you’ve previously had regular privileges, it should be easier to get it the second and subsequent times than the first.

Perhaps, but the software doesn’t allow for the possibility. It’s based on a rolling assessment of your activity in the last 100 days.

@tempogain this can’t be the whole story. There must be other ways to alter one’s status as Regular.

For example, it’s been about 55 days since my suspension was up.

How can it be that @the_bear can (like me) lose his Regular status yet gain it back a mere day later?


I had to blow the entire admin team to get that back.

If all y’all could just go ahead and follow my IG now that’d be just great…

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Suspensions never cycle out of the system, we have to clear them out manually. I guess basically it means you have to ask to be let back into the club :face_with_monocle: May take a few hours or so

Well why not do it for us then

Because you have a number for a name and you have no avatar?

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That’s only an issue if you’ve been suspended. PM sent