Earth Day

Earth Day is coming and a few of us in Taipei are venturing out to Da Xi for a beach clean up. We are hoping we can get a good group of people out there to camp, clean and have a great time. We will be going on the night of April 20, and start the beach clean up Sunday the 21st at about ten in the morning. If you are interested in surfing, volleyball, cleaning up and meeting a great group of people, respond back for more info. If you know the way already, we hope to see you there!!! We will bring all the cleaning tools…
Cheers, jen and trista

Hello Jen and Trista,

If you could provide more details (background, directions, what to expect, etc.), please do post it on the ORIENTED Community Events Calendar!

I’m sure that many who don’t usually peruse these forums would be interested.

This sounds like a great idea! Please tell us more details! (how to get there, what we would need to bring, etc.)

Okay. How to get to Da Xi: you can take a train from any of the stations in Taipei in the direction of Fulung, it is about 4 or 5 stops south of Fulung on the northern east Coast of Taiwan. If you are outside of Taipei, you may have to find out how to get there on your own.
when you arrive: when you get out of the train station, cross the street, turn right and wlak for about fifteen minutes. You may walk on the beach or there is a path between the road and the water. There will be a cement structure. You will see a fire if you arrive Sat night. Sun morning, you will see heaps of people on the beach.
what to bring: If you arrive on Sat, bring sleeping bag, tent etc. There is a small store in town where you can get food, but the selection is limited, so you may want to bring food to cook over the fire. We will get trash bags and gloves, but if you have other ideas of things you would like to bring for the beach clean up feel free.

If you have any questions, get lost, etc, you can call Jen at 0928609371 or Trista at 0931146953. Thanks!!!

Local county mayors love this sort of thing! But then again maybe not the sort of media they would want - foreigners caring for Taiwan beaches… great idea though. First Daxi, then the whole east coast, the the west, then…

The organisers of Clean up the World (Taiwan) unfortuantely had to bail on Taiwan due to the big floods last year. Hopefully they will be back this year. The east coast was one of their PR targets.

Now if you can just clean that darn Daxi sand and make it white again…Clean Up the World (Taiwan)

Could you give me more info on this ‘Clean up the World’ thing. Sounds ambitious (???!!!) Also, for people involved in the environmental movement in Taiwan, does anyone have contact info for a woman named Kathy (Cathy?) from New Zealand? She was very active in environmental groups when I was there in the early 90s. According to Bri she left Taiwan 2 years ago. Bri- you’re not being a good operative now. Do you have the name of your friend who knew Cathy so I can try to track her (your friend, that is) down via oriented or tealit?

So its YOU guys that build fires under the concrete shelter is it?

I know its not just you, of course, but PLEASE, if you’re serious about cleaning up the area, build your fires on the beach, where the mess can be cleared up, buried, or washed away!

There’s nothing more gross than going to Daxi at dusk and trying to find a cleanish spot for a tent amidst the cinders and ashes of other peoples’ fires. Or trying to sleep while a fire burns nearby, filling that shelter area with smoke.