EarthFest08 Kunlun Gardens, Longtan Oct 10th-12th

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As some of the guys and gals who bring you PeaceFest, we are proud and excited to announce our newest annual festival. Be sure to check out our website

We are making this event as environmentally friendly as possible by using bio-fuel made from recycled cooking oil for both our generators and fire show. We are also working closely with a variety of environmental and conservation groups to ensure our impact on the environment is minimal.

We are open to suggestions and ideas from all on how to lower our impact on the Earth during the festival.

First 1000 people to attend will receive a FREE set recyclable chopsticks made from stainless steel.

Check back every so often as we will add updates about the cool stuff we will be providing.


Why EarthFest will be different and make a difference.

Robin Winkler

A festival is meant to be a medium for people to see some alternatives to the one-time distinctly “western” paradigm of consume, work, consume more, watch television and the other thousands of ads every day that tell us we are not adequate and the only way to compensate is to consume some more.

Actually we are not against consumption, as we all need to consume in order to survive, but we are against over consumption, which means consumption that is not sustainable. Unsustainable consumption simply refers to those of us in the present consuming in ways and amounts that detract or will detract from the ability of future generations to satisfy their needs. And it also detracts from the ability of all the other beings on this planet to satisfy their needs, which ultimately comes back to bite the human animal.

We want to show that there are other ways – and maybe even remind the people of who attend that Taiwan presents many living examples of sustainability – examples that thirty years ago were the norm, but are giving way to western patterns of consumption that are threatening the viability of social and eco systems in Taiwan.

While the festival will involve a lot of consumption we hope to begin building a model for “zero waste” events in Taiwan. While “zero” may seem pretty radical, we recognize that this will come in stages and so we start by cutting back, reduction, recycling and so on – all the time with the idea of zero waste as the ultimate goal, a goal by the way that reflects the situation under which humans were able to flourish for hundreds of thousands of years. It is simply the natural axiom “waste equals food”. After all, as the founder of one participating environmental group likes to point out “we humans spend all our time ingesting the excrement of plants.”

We are working on bringing in people and organizations in to do workshops and teach-ins on solar cooking, local money, permaculture, composting toilets, organic farming, composting kitchen scraps, connections between perceived affluence and health, between perceived affluence and environmental and social degradation. Fair trade, entrepreneurship with a conscience, food kilometers/eating local, carbon footprinting and social and economic justice as key components of a sound and sustainable environment will be some of the other themes of talks and workshops throughout the three day festival.

Specific local environmental (or as they prefer to be known “sustainable economic”) issues to which we hope to expose the festival goers, include nuclear waste and the fourth nuclear power plant, preservation of the Lesheng Leprosarium, the Suhua Expressway and sustainable transportation issues, conservation of the Sousa dolphin along Taiwan’s west coast, agriculture and industrial policies and Taiwan’s CO2 emmissions challenge. While these may seem like bad candidates for a “festive event”, we hope to help environmental groups in Taiwan gain more support by letting people who normally do not get involved in these issues see them in an unintimidating, relaxed setting.

Jhajhong Dutu

This looks very cool. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it though.

I’d really love to see S.U.N. Project. They were one of my faves back in my Goa days.

[quote=“cfimages”]This looks very cool. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it though.

I’d really love to see S.U.N. Project. They were one of my faves back in my Goa days.[/quote]

Thanks for the vote of confidence.

I was starting to wonder if anyone had heard of S.U.N Project.

Hope you can find the time because it will be something special.


Just a pity its the same weekend as the Migration Music Festival. I would have liked to go to this one.

OOOooops, understand now how to get the poll thingy working forever.

Sorry about that. Now you can vote till your heart’s content.


As part of our ongoing Earthfest promotion, we would like to offer you the chance to win this cool solar powered battery charger produced here in Taiwan by Solar Focus. There are 10 to give away online.

Just by clicking on this link and spending 1 minute to answer the simple questions.

The will drawn at EarthFest08 and you will be notified on 10/14/08. The best thing is you don’t even have to attend EarthFest08 to win because EarthFest08 wants to help you to help the environment… We have another 10 to give away at the Festival along with other gifts.



Just to let you know… We have been working our arses off to bring you the best possible festival that we can. Everything and everyone is confirmed. S.U.N PROJECT can’t wait to get here and perform for you. We have booked LASERS and V.J’s to give you an outstanding sensory experience.

We will have workshops on Didgereedoo (spelling?) making and playing, Chi Gong (again spelling), compost toilet making (good easy to spell), a massage space for your tired bodies,

Heaps of free Earth Friendly gifts and prizes, lots of yummy local food and some foreign treats.

The grounds are nice and dry and all the grass has grown back after PeaceFest.

I promise you this will be a weekend to remember.

Take care


They can’t wait to astound you.

Up in Kunlun today. No mud and the grass is back again after PF. Just as Mother Nature intended.

See you there and don’t forget to enter our competition. (see above post)

Sean Kaiteri

Observation time 10/09 22:00
Temperature (°C ) 15.2
Wind direction CALM
Wind (Beaufort scale) 0
Gust wind X
Visibility(km) X
Relative humidity(%) 85
Pressure(hPa) X
Accumulated precipitation(mm) 0.0
Trends of 24-hour Observations

This is the latest weather report from cwb. As you can see even though Taipei/Taoyuan has been getting a little rain Kunlun hasn’t. Shei-pa is the nearest observation post to Kunlun about 10-12 km away.

Go to current conditions to see for your self.
Real-time Scenic Spot Images: You can also go here to find a live webcam of Shihmen Reservoir which is really close. Just click on the map and find Taoyuan County.

It’s going to be a beautiful weekend.

This is PeaceFest… EarthFest comes from the same family.

Special thanks to Ryan Harrington for the fantastic photograph.

I thought Earth Fest was a blast. SUN Project was awesome. Great music. Some bands weren’t the best but once it got really dark I was impressed. The Money Shot Horns were pretty good. It’s just too bad we had too few people show up. Thanks to everyone we put this together.