Earthquake ! 2004

2003/12/10 12:38 Magnitude: 6.6 No.: 122 (1210123866122) … 866122.gif … 866122.txt


    Earthquake No.: 92122

    Origin time: (local time) 12/10/2003 12:38:15.2

    Epicenter: 23.1N 121.34E i.e. 3.1 km west of Chengkung

    Depth: 10 km

    Magnitude(ML): 6.6

    Local largest intensity:

    Taitung        6
    Taitung City   5
    Nantou         4
    Changhua       4
    Yunlin         4
    Chiayi         4
    Tainan         4
    Kaohsiung      4
    Pingtung       4
    Hualien        4
    Kaohsiung City 4
    Chiayi City    4
    Tainan City    4
    Hualien City   4
    Taipei         3
    Miaoli         3
    Taichung       3
    Ilan           3
    Changhua City  3
    Pingtung City  3
    Suao Port      3
    Taoyuan        2
    Hsinchu        2
    Taipei City    2
    Taichung City  2
    Miaoli City    2
    Ilan City      2
    Makung City    2
    Keelung City   1

12月10日12時38分 規模:6.6 編號:122 (1210123866122) … 866122.gif … 866122.txt

 中央氣象局地震測報中心 第122號有感地震報告              
 發 震 時 間: 92年12月10日12時38分15.2秒              
 震 央 位 置: 北 緯  23.10

And this one did pick up in strength.

Just got this from the USGS site. WOW!!!

Magnitude 6.9 - TAIWAN
2003 December 10 04:38:18 UTC

Magnitude 6.9
Date-Time Wednesday, December 10, 2003 at 04:38:18 (UTC)
= Coordinated Universal Time
Wednesday, December 10, 2003 at 12:38:18 PM
= local time at epicenter

Location 23.076

:shock: WHOOHEEEEEEEE that was fun, especially on the 5th floor when the entire office is creaking … yeehaaa!!! And just when I was thinking we haven’t had a quake for a while!

To the rescue. :wink:

BTW: 101 is still standing.

Edit: … ction=news

We’re right next to it, so during the quake I went over to watch what it did. It didn’t seem to be moving at all, only the ends of the crane cables moved a little. All the while our hanging lights were dancing. I think our building would collapse before 101.

i live in taipei and didnt feel a thing

According to the CWB, they’ve already had ten aftershocks in the last four hours. Magnitude 4.4 to 5.0. All in the same general area. I felt the last one a few minutes ago.

It was very perceptible on the ground floor of a restaurant in Taichung.

Here’s the tally so far today (still just over an hour left!). This is making up for those 20 days without any sizeable quakes I think.

2003/12/10 16:46 Magnitude: 5.5 No.: 132 (1210164655132) … 655132.gif … 655132.txt

2003/12/10 16:27 Magnitude: 4.6 No.: 131 (1210162746131) … 746131.gif … 746131.txt

2003/12/10 16:10 Magnitude: 5.0 No.: 130 (1210161050130) … 050130.gif … 050130.txt

2003/12/10 15:49 Magnitude: 4.4 No.: 129 (1210154944129) … 944129.gif … 944129.txt

2003/12/10 14:41 Magnitude: 5.0 No.: 128 (1210144150128) … 150128.gif … 150128.txt

2003/12/10 13:43 Magnitude: 4.6 No.: 127 (1210134346127) … 346127.gif … 346127.txt

2003/12/10 13:20 Magnitude: 5.1 No.: 126 (1210132051126) … 051126.gif … 051126.txt

2003/12/10 13:00 Magnitude: 4.6 No.: 125 (1210130046125) … 046125.gif … 046125.txt

2003/12/10 12:50 Magnitude: 5.0 No.: 124 (1210125050124) … 050124.gif … 050124.txt

2003/12/10 12:42 Magnitude: 5.1 No.: 123 (1210124251123) … 251123.gif … 251123.txt

2003/12/10 12:38 Magnitude: 6.6 No.: 122 (1210123866122) … 866122.gif … 866122.txt

did anyone die? That’s what ai want to know!

It was like laying in a slightly swinging hammock where people rarely expire.

Hi folks, had a couple of people ask about the script I use to pull the earthquake data from CWB. (See my recent posts in this thread for examples.) I actually may have mislead some of you that it gets the data not from the website but some other means. Actually it still pulls from the website, but it pulls the summary data straight from the raw data on the website which involves just one very small query rather than the dozens of queries and images and stuff you’d have to slog through if using a regular web browser. Thus it is still a bit slow when CWB is getting pummelled, but it’s still much much faster than a regular browser. (With the -detail flag it needs 1 additional query per quake.)

Anyways, if you have something unixlike (Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, etc.) and have perl and wget installed, grab my script. Docs are at the top of the script. You may need to edit it to change the location of your perl and wget installation. I welcome any feedback, suggestions, or updates on changes you add.

JUST NOW. …vaguely FELT something quivering …vibrations…
12:29 am …THURSDAY…Very slight shaking of the floorboards. …

LATER: added: Checked the Net and found it was another after shocker in Taitung, 4M there, and just a 1er up here in Taibei…

Those poor bastids down there in the south are getting hammered this month.

Another one!

Edit: Hm, guess there was none though even my boss said he felt “it” … !?

I’ve released version 1.1.0 which supports either English or Chinese reports. The Chinese reports actually have a bit more detail on local intensities. For Chinese it can output Big5 or UTF8 (Unicode).

Bit of a shake there

That one didn’t give a warmup like the one a few weeks ago. Just bam.

Quite a jolt. But, yes, all over in a flash.

2003/12/29 21:41 Magnitude: 5.5 No.: 148 (1229214155148)


    Earthquake No.: 92148

    Origin time: (local time) 12/29/2003 21:41:51.1

    Epicenter: 24.6N 121.97E i.e. 28.6 km SE of Ilan

    Depth: 64.7 km

    Magnitude(ML): 5.5

    Local largest intensity:

    Ilan           5
    Hualien        3
    Ilan City      3
    Suao Port      3
    Taipei         2
    Taoyuan        2
    Taichung       2
    Nantou         2
    Taipei City    2
    Hualien City   2
    Hsinchu        1
    Miaoli         1
    Changhua       1
    Yunlin         1
    Taitung        1
    Keelung City   1
    Taichung City  1
    Miaoli City    1
    Changhua City  1

12月29日21時41分 規模:5.5 編號:148 (1229214155148)

 中央氣象局地震測報中心 第148號有感地震報告              
 發 震 時 間: 92年12月29日21時41分51.1秒              
 震 央 位 置: 北 緯  24.60