Earthquake/Typhoon Question

It would be possible in Taiwan, but has there ever been an instance of a simaltaneous tropical cyclone strike and a major earthquake? I’m not trying to win a bet or anything, it’s just that I live in rural Taiwan, it’s Sunday, and I’m bored out of my mind.
-H :sleepy:

Not in recent years, but there have been typhoons shortly after earthquakes, which is important to know, because the risk of landslide increases immensely when torrential rains hit areas where the earth has been shaken up and is looser than normal.

Always wondered about this. While the big weighty thing is flip flopping arond upstairs to overact a typhoon, the earth get a good shake. Seems to me, I wouldn’t want to be standing close.

Answering teh OPs question, yes, it has happened, but luckily no BIG biggie eathquake, more like a tremor. Both things combined are no fun.