Earthquakes 2016

4.8 Ilan County

I thought my wife was changing position on the bed, by the time I realized it was an earthquake it was already over.

North western tip and west coast are the only safer parts of Taiwan it seems

Plot of earthquakes in Taiwan since 1991

That was fairly long!

Just had a wobble here in Xinzhuang.

Felt that one for like 30 seconds in Taipei shook the windows a bit

Mild here in Taichung but enough to get my attention

Didn’t feel anything here in Xinzhuang…weird lol!


6.0 off the coast of Taidong, wow. That’s so far from us, yet we felt it very clearly in Yilan. Usually this kind of wobbleness (is that a word?) comes from Hualien.

Tsunami possibility?

It felt fairly large here in Tainan.

Don’t know about tsunamis, but I hope everyone in Green Island will be ok, the center was basically next to them.

Huge jolt here! In the midst of torrential typhoon rain!
Concern for Green Island and Taidong city

I was like, that is not the dog scratching, I’m using him as footrest, was that the cats? Nope, they were also stretched out and relaxed. They do not panic, I do not jolt out of bed.

Was that a quake?

Yep. 5.1 in Yilan.

Haven’t noticed anything ?_?

I was in an 11th floor, so it was a bit noticeable. Wobbly kind of quake.

I think it was around 6:20AMm Saturday morning, getting ready to cycle and things start shakin.

I was on the second floor, didn’t feel anything, but the windows kept creaking, it was a long 7-10 seconds.

Completely selpt through it.
New Zealand on the other hand, holy cow

Yep. Messaged an old friend who lives in Christchurch, asking the idiotic “are you OK?” questions, and he replied, yeah, we’re good now that the tsunami sirens have stopped…

Friggin awful.