Earthquakes 2017


Was this the same quake I just felt in Kaohsiung. It was also mild, but it felt short not long. Like 10-15 seconds. Maybe I was still half asleep.


5.7M in northern Taidong this morning. That’s gonna get your attention if you were near the epicentre.

A few weeks ago there was a 6M and then a 5.something on the southern tip of the fault south of Orchid Island - and there has been activity running up the coast all the way to Ilan since then - a very similar scenario to the 5.3 we had here in Dec which was preceded by a 5.6 in that same location south of Orchid Island.

If you look at the map you can see the arc of the fault line quite clearly and the recent activity associated with it

Hopefully that’s the end of it but i’d be on alert if i was living anywhere on the east coast - which i am


Just check if they are testing the tsunami warning system… or not.


As i understand, only certain types of earthquakes cause tsunamis and i don’t know if that’s the type that occurs off the east coast, but, Taidong city would be obliterated if there was one because the whole city is built on a flat coastal plain - come to think of it - that describes Hualien city and Ilan as well.

This is too simplistic i suppose, but looking at the pattern of earthquakes along that coastal ridge, it seems like Ilan is next in line. There have been several small quakes there recently and that seems to be how the sequence unfolds with this particular fault - an upsurge in small quakes that keeps escalating


Crap, don’t encourage her…


They don’t call me Auntie Panic for nothing.

Spanish 成語: mejor decir aqui corrio que aqui murio.


Bumpity bump in Yilan.


Yeah, I saw some fun in my aquariums right now.


5.4 in the sea, probably a fart from Turtle Island.


Fascinating , plate tectonics in action.
Alfred Werner would be proud :).

As for tsunamis, yeah I admit I was glad the Fukushima earthquake was in Fukushima area and not in the Ilan area.

There’s a theory that the east coast wouldn’t get hit too bad from a tsunami because of the steep continental shelf.

I’m not too sure how that plays out around the whole coast.
It could be a bit of a case of wishful thinking.

A lot of the east and north coast would seem incredibly exposed.

One should have some kind of plan to put in action there…quickly in case of a tsunami alert. The tricky thing is you are first hit with a megaquake in many cases. Do you go back into a tall building? Run up a hill…but there are no hills?
Get on your scooter and …


During the 921 quake as well as the recent one we had in Taidong, i, and many others, noticed this luminous green light close to the ground. In fact my neighbour immediately called after the quake coz she was worried i’d been electrocuted as she said the light seemed to be coming from my house (for me it seemed to be coming from a bit further down the hill)

Had assumed that this was because of power lines going down but was recently informed it’s an actual thing called ‘earthquake lights’, though there remains a degree of skepticism around it even within the earthquake scientific community

Has anyone else seen these lights?


they are an example of what are broadly called earth lights and there are real videos/photos of them online.
That’s very cool that you saw earthquake lights!

One theory is its due to the faults slipping against each other.


Haha, it’s not quite like seeing an aurora or a nice sunset coz it’s more a sign of ‘holy crap, this is serious!’, but i guess it’s a sight that not everyone gets to tick off

4.3M in Ilan overnight, which continues an active phase for that area


Was any seismic activity reported about 10 minutes ago in Taiwan (just before 9pm, 6/13)? I swear I felt a small tremor here in Kaohsiung as I sat on my bed, but my wife thinks it’s my overactive imagination (like when I feel a phantom buzz from my smart phone).


You sure it wasn’t…you know "when the bed’s a rockin don’t come a knockin’?


Well it’s my wife’s bed and I wasn’t “rocking” it, so I sure hope not!


There was nothing reported by CWB, though very small quakes sometimes don’t register - i never saw them report a 2. something - but probably means it was right under you if you felt it

The fact that your wife didn’t feel anything, however, also suggests that the ‘over-active imagination’ explanation could be right, too


ive wanted to see them since I heard about them in college, jealous specs on. im fascinated by any kind of unexplained earth phenomena.


Definitely NOT my overactive imagination this time. Was woken up by a 4.3 and alert message in Kaohsiung. Not too bad, but felt bigger because it was very close by.


Yes, i saw that - your case just got a lot stronger!

In fact, maybe you are some kind of human earthquake warning sensor - able to pick up small vibrations that most people can’t

Earthquakes are relatively rare in Kaohsiung, though as mentioned on the Nuclear Power Plant thread, there is a major fault running south off the coast from Kaohsiung that is believed to have a 9M lurking in it.