Earthquakes 2017


Ugh, I hate hearing stuff like that, especially since I have a newborn now. :sweat:

Hopefully the “big one” holds off for a while longer.


So the 4.3 last night - it was 30 k deep so guessing it was just short of things falling off the shelves - did it go on for very long?

Regarding the big one, as Icon would tell you, it’s not paranoia if it’s a mathematical certainty that it will one day happen - it’s just a matter of ‘when’.

I would strongly urge anyone living in their own house to attach things that are in danger of toppling over to the wall - i did it, and it works great - haven’t had an earthquake since!


Love that close up of your hand…:howyoudoin:


My wife said it was a strong one, but I’ve felt stronger like the one in February. This one felt middle of the road. Things shook, but nothing fell. Only 30 km deep is kinda scary though.


30 k is not too bad - there was a 3.9 in Tainan recently that was 2.8 k deep!


i felt one a few days ago. i was woken up by a barking dog, he doesn’t like earthquakes i guess.


Who does? I heard dogs can sense tremors before they happen, but I don’t know if that’s just a myth.


could be, i only noticed the earthquake after he barked. although before i was sleeping so…


I’m pretty sure I’ve felt 4 or 5 since moving here in March. Only two lasted for more than a few seconds, but for the others my place definitely shook. My friend who I moved here with has managed to sleep through, or just not notice, all but one of them. So I’m with you as far as being a human seismograph Drew.


Some bumpiness right now


yup! my work table shook…


major bumpiliness



Turtle island, farting as usual


There clearly seems to be a pattern of recent activity stretching up the east coast - I wonder where all this is heading…


Well, we have small/medium earthquakes originating from turtle island basically all year long.


Good luck with that!

In Taidong, it’s a bit different - we had very few earthquakes for many years - and then there was a notable upsurge over the last couple


I see there was a quake off the coast of Changhwa - haven’t seen a quake there before


Betelzilla has awoken!


Ok, that’s funny.