Earthquakes 2017


There’s no real pattern that can be discerned thats the problem.


When I moved to Yilan I used to feel all of them, now I barely notice anything below 4. We had a 6.x center around Turtle Island not long ago, it was clearly felt but nothing happened, even the glasses on the shelves had no issue.
Here 99% of quakes are caused by the oceanic plate sliding underneath the mountains, so they’re all fairly deep and don’t cause any damage. Datong and the friction between Yilan and Hualien can be more annoying, but since quakes happen so often they don’t have time to gather a lot of power and release it all of a sudden.


Yeah, that’s usually true, but there was a discernible pattern that happened here before the Dec 15 quake in Taidong county - and from what Icon says, she’s also experienced sequential earthquakes

Taidong doesn’t get that Hualien-Ilan level of regular earthquakes, but then over a year, and then especially the last few months, we did. And they became more frequent and bigger

Since then it’s died down to almost nothing again

Frustratingly, there is very little academic research on pre-shocks in Taiwan, even though they are estimated to happen in 40% of 5M+ earthquakes according to this study:


There are sequential earthquakes but it’s impossible to tell the scale that they lead to and how many there will be.


You guys mentioned Betelzilla. I was watching Godzilla 2016 and there is a sequence where they are evacuating Tokyo by land, by sea, by air - friggin helicopters bring memories of serving dinner and having to stop every 2 steps on the way from the kitchen to the dining room because of the frequency and intensity of the aftershocks affecting how you carry the plates.

I hate quakes. Used not to fear them until one threw me around. Made me his bitch. Since then, I learned to respect them.


Are there any odd bio-signals observed, like deep-sea creatures surfacing, insect swarms, synchronic voices of barking, meowing, and squeeking, and so on?


Talking about safety, these tips might come handy if necessary -especially the jacket stretcher.


I am not a huge believer in bio-signals re animals - the ‘evidence’ that I’ve read seems a bit dubious and there’s no support for it amongst the academic research (which is not to say that it doesn’t possibly exist)

In terms of natural signals, the so called ‘earthquake cloud’ (a long, snake-like cloud that’s supposed to appear before a quake) and ‘earthquake lights’ might be more promising - though again, there is some, but not a lot of academic support


5M quake near Cheng Gong this morning

There does seem to be a pattern - a couple of weeks ago there was a 5M on the southern extreme of the fault line and that appears to set off a chain reaction heading north up along the coast. That was the same scenario that occurred when we got the 5.3 in Dec. There have been a couple of small local quakes here recently that didn’t register with CWB - hopefully it has leap-frogged us this time

In theory, Ilan coast should be next…


Hey, hey, let’s calm down here.


Another 5.2 (quite deep) just near Orchid Island this morning - so the south-east coast is definitely going through another period of activity

I do expect something within the next two weeks between Taidong city and Ilan

5-somethings are not a huge deal - unless they happen right under you and are particularly shallow - so far this fault hasn’t produced anything bigger than that so hoping it stays that way

Actually hoping it goes away all together - but it is Taiwan - so that’s not gonna happen


Ok, man, we safe… for now…


If a tsunami was powerful enough to travel from Mexico to Taiwan half the world away, then it’d be a global catastrophe that’d wipe out millions across the world.


Occassionally it has happened, but when it reaches the other side’s shores, it is mere centimeters, thank goodness. I remember reading some registered in Chile.


Yeah, but I bet we’d have a much better shot at getting good tacos…


IIRC, the tsunami from Japan killed somebody on the coast of California.


Mexico has this “cool” pre quake warning system that sends and alert. In thsi video you can hear the nerve wrecking alarm in the background, almost a full minute before everything starts moving.

It is also interesting to notice the lightning, which is also reported on many other witnesses accounts.

Seems a hotel has gone down in the South of Mexico. Death count climbing.


From:“Non se siente nada” to:“LET’S GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE” within seconds xD

It feels like the movement detector from Aliens.


You have to admire his calm. He is probably up on the 20th something floor, with a half ton of lights over his head. No swearing!

We have several videos of TV people caught in similar positions and they “knit a tapestry of profanities blinding in its colorfulness”.


He appeared calm, but in his brain there must have been a tornado of “de puta madre” flying around.

Everyone is talking about Mexico, but what about Guatemala? It’s right next to it >_>