Earthquakes 2017


They felt it, as far as El Salvador, but up to now there are no reports of casualties or damages. Mexico already has several fallen buidlings, destruction, and 8 dead.


Update 60 dead and climbing as they search fallen structures. Oaxaca especially affected.


Doesn’t seem to be lightning, more like electric shorts on poles and transformers.


Yep. In other videos you can see the lighting starting from the ground up. Many transformers blew up. Quake lights have a more bluish or reddish tinge.


Ask the Amis and Taiyas living deep in the Central Mountains Range. They knew something about that the tsunami has occasionallly occurred.


90 dead, mostly in Oaxaca so far. About 7000 buildings collapsed, search ongoing.


that was some bumpiness from Yilan!


Mexico was hit by another deadly eathquake: a 7.1 has killed over 120 people so far.


I’ve seen some videos on twitter, the buildings rolling left and right are always a weird sight.


Horrible. 47 buildings collapsed in Mexico city alone, among them schools. Daytime, so many schoolkids trapped, offices filled with people. Even the great Estadio Azteca is damaged -still they opened it up for victims to take shelter. Death count 150 and climbing.

Eerily enough, it happened on the anniversary of the horrendous 1985 quake that left 10 thousand dead.


holy cow


There are very graphic videos out there. Interestingly, one showing a building collapsing after the movement, held enough for some people to get out.

Please remember Mexico sent a team of searchers when we had the 921 quake, their efforts were highly praised. Unfortunately, the 1985 experience has made them experts in search and rescue.

As a matter of fact, they were getting ready for a massive quake drill that day…

As evening comes, shelters have been opened in convention centers and any large areas. Lots of fires, so people are asked not to go home, in case anyone has trouble reaching friends and family. Airport is closed, too.


When I was on the bus a few hours ago I watched a couple of fairly mild videos and thought:“Oh, that’s not too bad”. The stuff that is starting to show up now is shocking, what a mess.

Is most of the damage in mexico city or closer to the epicenter?


Two major quakes in two weeks. Poor Mexico.


Epicenter was in Puebla. The State of Mexico, Mexico DF, the states of Puebla and Morelos are the most affected. Problem is soil: the jello effect brings down buildings. This time the DF was also badly affected as they were closer to the epicenter.

Seems the areas affected in the DF were the same ones that were devastated by the 1985 quake.


Really awful. i mean, their president was on his way to inspect recovery work down South, had not even landed when they were calling him back up North because of this other tragedy.


I don’t think that’s a very sensitive headline…wtf


50 people rescued from collapsed buildings. Pets too.

School rescue: 14 kids taken out, many still trapped, they know they are alive down inside. But also 20 dead so far.

Free metro service on all lines. Motorcycle brigades giving free service to help people go home.

Experts think that the energy was trapped there, and the sismic event two weks ago just pushed over the limit.

Source: Televisa live broadcast


Horrible event in Mexico. God bless those trapped.


Long, sleepless night in Mexico.

So far: 217 dead. The school collapsed claimed 20 children, haven’t pulled out anyone in hours, frantic action there, trying their best to get to the survivors - they are in touch through cellphones.

People still in panic, everyone very nervous, between aftershocks and all the tensions. Very interesting: aside from the topos or rescue temas that dig through rubble, and the military, and the people cooking and feeding the army of rescuers, there are also organized groups from local colleges providing psychological assistance to the affected people. Here in Taiwan that role is usually overtaken by Tzu Chi or other religious organziations, but they are not especially trained for it, are they?

Social media has played a very important role. There is a Mexican developed app, for example, called Bridgefy, that works without Internet, but based on the bluetooth capacity in phones as a web. This would be very useful in Taiwan in case of emergency.

The president Pena himself was comparing for example, 30 something years ago the president then was isolated, couldn’t communicate with anybody after the quake and it was difficult to know what was happening. Pena said he received the news and decided to turn the flight around, and that aside from the official reports, he scanned social media and did an overflight over the city to understand the situation better while still in the air.

When you think about the dimension of the tragedy, affecting 30 million people, and that there is still people hurting in Chiapas, plus the category 5 hurricane Maria drawing a trail of destruction over the British Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico and places already affected by Irma… Ayayayayayyy. Long night indeed.