Earthquakes 2017


At least two dead from heart attacks in the last strong quake. Though it did not affect Mexico city that bad, people are too nervous.

It is really cold at night, people are sleeping outside…and hail is falling.

Death count so far is over 300. Truly not as bad as before but no less tragic. As per Taiwan news, all 5 Taiwanese in collapsed building died.

Lots of collaboration from other countries and Mexican foreign communities. Rescue teams from Israel, Japan, Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Chile, etc. Tons and tons of supplies from Mexicans in US.

The heroes aside from the volunteers working non stop are the search doggies.


Especially Frida the lab


Guatemala brought their own canines

Hope and defiance: we picked ourselves up 32 years ago, we will do it again. Image from the Angel in Mexico city.


Doggie pulled out by the Japanese rescue team after being trapped 5 days under the rubble.


You could feel that one in south Taiwan.



Rolling one, a minute ago, 5 perhaps?


Yeah, felt that one too. Our building was swaying.
Epicenter was in Hualien. 5.2


Felt it in Taichung




Didn’t feel anything at that time in Taipei area, and I was awake.


7:30 am, Tainan, felt it, woke me up actually :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


A little baby one was felt in Hsinchu a little while ago. I felt the chair shake a little and soda ripple in the bottle. I love those little ones. And the cats tend to perk up “wazzat?”


Was that just in my mind?
Felt a jolt in Taichung here.

Checked cwb, looks like it was a 5.1 in nantou 17.2km depth



2 today


I felt that one in Danshui, in a 7th floor apartment, but it would’ve been easy to miss.


16 quakes in a row in Nantou.


27 in one single day. Problem is those are the ones that activate sleeping faults elsewhere.


swarms here too
and quakes have hit costa rica, iran etc.
hope we are not due for a biggie


Shaking in Taipei…


Another pretty strong shake in Taichung. Anyone else feel that one ?


yup. big one?