Earthquakes 2018


Very, not just the past few days either - history here :


Felt nothing here on the 4th floor near Zhongshan MRT.

Has my tolerance gone up?


2/2017 = 30 quakes in Hualien
2/2018 = 233 quakes in Hualien

The fault line is acting out of character. Something is causing it to be extremely active. The quakes are also slowly moving south on that fault line.




If you are in Hualien, I would suggest doing what you can to leave for a vacation for a week if you can.


Why is Taoyuan ignored


I’m actually not. I live in Kaohsiung. But it’s scary shit regardless and this could trigger badness down south for us too. This is happening on the 2nd anniversary of the 2016 quake as well. The fatalities from this one may be even greater depending on how this collapsed hotel event plays out. :pensive:


Actually there is a residential building with 18 households per floor…

Yes, I was thinking not another New Year looking at horribly sad scenes on tv. Sigh.


pls stop

I was joking…


I’ve felt a couple of shakes during this morning, and in between I wasn’t sure if I was dizzy of there were minor trembles…


4.8 just now


I feel like shaking all the time.


This past few days they have felt different…more a wriggle back and forth instead of the jerking in the past…unnerving but feels better.


I’ve been feeling shakes and I’m sure many of them are imaginary (and some must be my not so stable office chair). There must be a name for that- like the name they have for imagining your phone vibrating in your pocket when it actually isn’t. Too traumatized to check- like how I’m not so happy that I’ve added “seismicity” to my vocabulary.


Heart tremors. I get them. Strong beats that make my body sway slightly feeling like an earthquake.

read this:


Yes. It’s called gas.


Battle fatigue sets in with never ending quakes
The adrenaline rush in a quake followed by the de stress when it’s over followed by the heightened awareness of danger and the sudden clench of fear

It all leads to battle fatigue with the lack of sleep followed by Psychosis by the constant stress


Anything about the Parkview Hotel?

Parkview, 970, Hualien County, Hualien City, 林園1-1號


Sunday evening after the quake already prepare some important things (cash,documents) and put inside one bag near main door so just in case a quick grab.

Sad news about that building and people specially on lower floor quite scared.


Okay just booked my flights, see ya Taiwan