Earthquakes 2018




Enjoy your 100.0 quake !


The one last night started as I just came home, twisting and bending the room, moving up and down a bit, almost like 1999, just a little less.




Drew get out while you still can


I think it’s more simple than that:

  1. there could be minor, really tiny quakes
  2. there are other sources of movement, including your own body

After a big earthquake you pay more attention to these things, and yeah, sometimes it’s hard to tell, and sometimes you just think there might be something moving even if it’s not, because you are overthinking it


I had 2 bottles of beer and nearly a tea cup of vodka before going to sleep, didn’t feel any quakes during the night.


Yes, but how many times did you have to get up to pee?


My alpha-bladder isn’t concerned about such trivial issues.


Of the two collapsed buildings in Hualien, the tilted building also has… had a hotel on the second and third floor.

The building’s photo on Agoda

The hotel’s official website:

Since the building suffered severe structural damage, the hotel levels is where most people are trapped in. However, they are still unable to obtain a list of guests for the night, and can’t be sure how many people are in need of rescue.


Looks like the only damaged building in a wide area. More tales of illegal construction cutting corners on safety?


No more aftershocks in the last 1,5h. It finally stopped or something is building up.


Some reports say that the building’s built on a fault line. It’s also the only high rise in that entire neighbourhood, so that’s probably true.

If that’s the case then someone should look into who approved it.


How does it manage to stay tilted? What’s supporting it?


Steel support placed to prevent the building to topple on the rescue team.


I noticed the same thing. And I hope it’s the finally stopped option.


Here we go again!

No. Taiwan time Magnitude Depth (km) Location
Local 02/07 15:00 | 3.3 | 15.9 | 24.05N 121.59E, i.e. 7.8 km NNW of Hualien County


Didn’t feel that one at all. And no, I haven’t been day drinking.


stop day drinking


What part of “no” do you not understand!? Typical male…