Earthquakes 2018


I afraid of getting used to it and not reacting in time when needed…


Reacting by doing what? Unless you’re on the 1st floor I’m not sure what you can do.


We got one alert (Presidential alert), and then the shaking/swaying started just afterwards. It feels like the building it is still unstable now a few minutes later. Now the Emergency alert came in.


Magnitude 5.7 at 22.1km NE of Hualien County, 10km deep. Registered a 2 in Hsinchu.


I did not get an alert on that one.
New Taipei: Sanxia


No alert…they get tired sending alert


no alert this time


My building is still shaking now… holy fuck…

I’m on third floor and I keep hearing contradicting opinions on what to do just in case.

Do I run down the stairs? Under a doorway? Go to my window balcony?


No alert but felt it and one little one earlier. Sanxia too.


My building is shaking even more now. freaked out and getting out of here.


Open the door and use stairway but wait you need to ready first bring important things.


Buildings are built to withstand moderate quakes once in a while.
My question is, all these quakes…almost 300 now, ranging from 1.0 to 6.0, back to back to back…how is this affecting the structural integrity of any building? My mind says it must be chipping away. Its been nearly 300 quakes in less than 2 weeks! A normal building can only withstand so much stress.


I wonder if it’s just a potential integrity issue to buildings in hualian or all Taiwan, from the microshaking


Well, 300 quakes of which you and your building only noticed a few of them.


Not exaggerating here. I have felt about 30-40 of them at least


Same here. I can feel the 1.0s


Where are you located?


I can feel it when God sneezes.


what is “presidential alert”?


I can smell it when He farts too. And let me tell you, this stinks! I want it to end!