Earthquakes 2018




What’s the world record for most earthquakes in a day/week at a place?


well, that’s closer to Hualien. I have “felt” many these days, but again it could be anything.


We are also feeling a lot of smaller quakes and tremors in Taipei (Nangang). Earlier before this latest 5.7 one struck, we felt like the building was swaying (we are on a higher floor). It still feels like it is moving afterwards, or maybe it is the same effect like after you get off of a boat.


All I could find on Google was Iceland: 800 in one day.that was when the Eyjafjallajökull volcano erupted.

There is an under sea volcano 11 miles off the coast of Hualien. Exactly where these quakes have been happening. I wonder if its not the fault line, but the volcano getting ready to blow.


Dunno, if anyone can clarify I would welcome a translation.


I heard about that too… How bad would a volcano eruption be?


“Earthquake felt and occurred Feb. 7 at 23:21 around Hualien area, forecasted measurement of 4.0 and above for the area of Hualien, Central Weather Bureau”


So how did they “score” in Taipei area? yesterday’s 6.5 translated into a what in Taipei? and how about today´s 5.7?


6.5 was a 4
5.7 was a 3


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Go to:

Then click on the earthquake (to the right) that you want to see how it felt near you.
For example, click on the 23:21 at 5.7 on Richter.
You’ll then see what it “felt” like in the various cities/counties in Taiwan.
Looks like that 5.7 felt like a “2” in Taipei.

EDITED to add the english version website from CWB:

Follow the same steps as above.


Thank you! It is kind of you to provide a translation. Indeed, this altert (accompanied by a wailing siren sound) came in last night at 11:50 as well as tonight - before the shaking started. A few minutes later a follow up “Emergency Altert” arrived which includes the intensity info (I did not get a screenshot).


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Taichung just had a gentle swayer this evening.


Look at the pattern since the 5.7.
It looks like its reving up.


Thanks, there seems to be a similar record of 800 at Yellowstone too (which again is a volcanic region)


On the Central Weather Bureau website it assigns a number to each quake, but a lot dont have a number, they just say “local”. Anyone know why or willing to wager a guess?


can you copy/paste to show readers what you are seeing?


check the intensity details for quakes. Local ones have 0 intensity elsewhere in the country


Think there’s a cut-off formula involved, based around how far away the quake is felt.
So 047 (4.1) was felt out in Taichung and Nantou, so it gets a number.
The 4.1 at 23.24 … um, that was also felt in the same 2 counties, so my explanation doesn’t hold.