Earthquakes 2018


I dont want to jinx things, but is anyone else wondering what I am wondering?

Its been quiet for 2 hours.
Is it over?


Define quiet


It’s a scary calm if you ask me. Every 20 minutes for days, and then nothing. An increasing interval between events would seem to be the more normal way for this to come to an end. Not a complete stop out of the blue. I really, really hope I’m wrong.


What if it pulls a Nari?


Um…lack of seismic activity where previously there was nonstop activity.


Whats that?


21:22, magnitude 3.7 NNE of Hualien County.

At least the last two in a row have been out in the Pacific, not located W of Hualien. Guess that’s good, anyway.


Well, at least we got a reprieve for almost 3 1/2 hours.


Seriously these quake clusters give me the heebie jeebies.


Not trying to be a ‘quake expert’ here but scientists mentioned that the plates got stuck together due to friction and then the pressure builds up and forces them to move again
I’m wondering if the plates got stuck again… which would explain the sudden cessation in activity

Nonetheless it is freakily quiet


No quake expert here either, but I’m less worried about their sticking together than I am about the forces behind the friction (I’m sure you are, too). What’s going on down there? How bad is the stuff pushing one plate against another, or one below another?


Well, there was a lull but it’s active again at 21:22 and 21:52

Missed that you already said that :slight_smile:


Apparently Taiwan has subduction and slip .

You guys are all very brave. I got quake battle fatigue after 921 was indelibly imprinted in my brain

Apparently these recent quakes were preceded by quake swarms some time ago


lucky guy!


Does anyone remember that time-lapse earthquake map that showed earthquakes as releases of seismic energy? Not sure if it was for Taiwan alone or global.


Is this it?


It was something like that, but I feel like it was an app of some kind on a webpage, so you could focus in on an area and slow down etc.


One would think that with so much information and technology available, there would be some discoverable pattern to tectonic activity. Or maybe they will never be able to figure it out.


I doubt this is it, but I’ll post it anyway :slight_smile: :


Felt a smallish one in my Taipei bedroom about 4 hours ago. Wondered if it was just the echo of a bigger one in Hualien?