Earthquakes 2018


This is the Central Weather Bureau’s record of the recent earthquakes around Hualien:

They’re happening pretty frequently.


the Central Weather Bureau hss stopped issuing earth quake alerts. They still list the quakes, but not with the red alert. I wonder if they were instructed to do this to help ease the general public’s nerves.


It does seem as if there have been some changes to the website.

So Tuesday night’s quake was the big one (meaning the big one that smaller ones lead up to and then taper off from)? I sure do hope so.


Aparently, teh Filipina caregiver was found dead. Condolences.

Currently, efforts are focused on a Hong Kong-Canada couple that was staying at the collapsed hostel.

Most deaths were at that location.

As of this morning, still missing 7 people, with 10 dead, and hundreds hurt. Many families at the Hualien Stadium, pets included. However, Hualien is running out of food staples, as many bridges were damaged, stuff is trickling in.


I think they are starting to suspect something about a line some people call ring of fire :smiley:




A 4.6 magnitude quake about fifteen minutes ago. Hmmmm.


Auntie Icon panicking slightly.
Running out of food staples?
Running water must be a problem though.


On the news today. No eggs, milk, fresh stuff. Supplies running thin, not for the people without homes, but for the rest of the city. The most destitute are covered, but nornmal life it ain’t for the rest.


This report claims that it’s a design flaw, which causes the big buildings to collapse in an earthquake:

They basically say both big buildings in Hualien and the one in Tainan 2 years ago had the same design: They mainly rely on columns in the bottom floors, but don’t have a lot of walls. However, walls are much better and columns are not strong enough in an earthquake.
In case of the Marshall hotel they recently removed walls and built columns.

Living on the first floor still gives me a bad feeling when seeing these pictures, but at least my building is not of this design, but has relatively small windows, a lot of walls and no columns.


Is this true Hualien folk?


I think @Icon mentioned that Japanaese S&R were on the ground in Hualien.

It makes sense if Japan was bringing expertise and equipment whereas China were just going to send more hands and no expertise.


Those buildings remind me of a popular adage in the bodybuilding community: NEVER SKIP LEG DAY!!!


Taiwan’s government has rejected an offer by China to send rescue workers to aid in the search for survivors after a deadly magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck eastern Taiwan’s Hualien, but has accepted the assistance of a team of experts from Japan because of they posses specialized equipment that Taiwan does not have.

Japanese rescuers and their technology is being used to help pinpoint the location of a family of five missing Chinese tourists trapped inside the rubble of the Yun Men Tsui Ti Building. They are believed to be inside room 201 of the Beauty Inn, which was situated on the second and third floors of the ill-fated 12-story building.

Politics always intruding in tragedies. Honestly, there are several mesasages of condolences from Japan in social media, flooded by Chinese one cent army bots raging against Taiwan. Sigh.


Canadian Hong Kongese couple just found, both died together. Peace and condolences to their families.

Still missing a family of 5.

12 dead.


So sad. It seems things are quieting down. The frequency is reducing and so’s the intensity.


Almost every half hour.


My wife and kids were in Hualien Tuesday night and they came back to Taipei last night. So basically it was 48 hours of non-stop checking for me. I definitely see things easing up now. For example, we’re getting some hour or longer breaks now (it’s been well over two hours since the last one now). I hope my optimism isn’t just wishful thinking.


Wow…time for a stiff drink to soothe those frazzled nerves!


China again does the bare minimum to help, but still wants credit for doing so. Like a hungover friend who makes a token effort to clean up your house the morning after a party. He just flips the couch cushions to the clean side, and kicks some empty bottles and cans out the front door to clear space.