Earthquakes 2018


I would still wait until after CNY to go back. There are infraestructure issues that will be fixed but take a bit of time and might be inconvenient. Also, delivery is still trickling in. Moreover, less people, less strain on local services.


Yes, I’ve got that covered. (Actually, I drink often but not too much in any one sitting. I don’t want people to get the wrong idea. I don’t know why, though, since only a few know who I really am.)

We’ve got train tickets for Monday. If anything doesn’t seem right, I’ll definitely say “sorry guys” to the wife and kids. We’ve got relatives in Taipei and Hualien, so either way, we’ll celebrate CNY.


You forgot the part about bringing cameras to beam images of being benevolent and in control far and wide.



Good that the govt is doing this! Any similar thing happening in Taipei? I’d like to know if the building in which I live is dangerous or not…


Family of 5 found.




Located. Ambulances on the wait. But…news crews are gone. Not a good sign.

Owner of hostel gave wrong room numbers so a lot of time has been wasted. Could would…

Aside from the challenge of the tilted floor now there is gas leak smell.

Meanwhile the hotel is being torn apart…


Yes I agree news crews being gone is not a good sign


Definitely not. The Suao-Hualien highway was back on service yesterday, the road to south (no.9) was never blocked. As far as I observed, there is no shortage in any kind of supply, and more than 90% of the businesses in the city are back to normal now.

The only things that weren’t fully repaired were the running waters for some household (around the collapsed buildings) and some roads/bridges within city proper.

I don’t know where that news came from.


No good news about the family of five I presume



Well they did interview some shop keepers who told of having to close business because there was no running water or had run out of supplies. “Focused” news let’s call it.

There was a bit of movement a while ago at the Emergency Centre. Hope they have an official announcement soon.

Quake frequency has diminished.

By coincidence, the guy at the beauty shop who does my hair is from Hualien. He says people are used to tremors, and he is going back home for New Year to help clean up. His family is OK if quite shaken.


Focus Taiwan reported the family of five were due to stay at a B n B but made a last minute change to this hotel due to it being closer to the train station.

They believe three of the five have been found dead.


So I know they’ve slowed down… But they are still trickling in at a fairly steady pace… Wth


Was that a long one or the cats?



Mr Jesus80, are those your photographs? If so (or even if not), if you could provide some comment, that would be much appreciated.



I took them today. I can’t add much to what’s seen on them. Police won’t let you get much closer, it looks bad and you can see home stuff through the windows, but who would be surprised about that, right? This building is like 800 m from the train station.


Also I have a couple of DVDs for sale, please let me know if you are interested.


I’m not interested in the DVDs. But thank you for posting these photos from Hualien. The condition of that building looks utterly frightening!