Earthquakes 2018


Me no like quakes in Nantou.


Big quake in Lombok, next door to Bali. Rocked Bali too. Tourists out of their hotels in the middle of the night.

Wifey is in Singapore, due to visit Bali in a few days. I’m asking her if she wants to change her plans. She has a few days to decide. Hope it all quiets down. Not sure she can change her flights or hotel bookings at this stage.

Things looking hairy in Bali, not to mention Lombok. I definitely would vote to stay away from Lombok for awhile.

The 6.9 came after a pretty large one a short time ago that killed around 14? This one tops 80.


Yes considering nantou spawned the big 921 one.


Waiting for data about this one

time Magnitude Depth (km) Location
08/17 19:30 3.6 17.3 23.99N 121.02E
08/17 18:14 4.1 17.2 24.00N 121.01E
08/17 18:09 4.8 16.8 24.00N 121.01E



921 region?


There was a sudden jolt here in Taichung city at that time in my apartment. It was sudden but no aftershocks


Dissimilar location and depth from 9/21, although possibly the same fault line. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Better a few small quakes than a build up to the big one. I was in Tainan during the February 2016, 6.4 earthquake that killed so many on a poorly constructed building on 永大路. I could feel and hear it. I had been in the building that feel a few times and knew several of the kids who lost their classmates on that day. So, I can understand your concern!


One more


Quite a bit larger than yesterday based on the shaking… and longer too


Big one


5.0 Nantou
Felt it in Taipei
A jolt then rocking


Good site


I’m feeling that one only about 20 seconds in Taipei.


Several big quakes, lots of movement along the Circle of Fire.


Woke me up. Anyone also feel it? This one was jerky. It was centered in Taoyuan. 3.0.
You dont see them centered in Taoyuan very often.


Where? Taipei? Kaohsiung is as still as a glass of water.

Okay see your edit now. Nvm


Now experts say we are due for a tsunami. Sigh.


“”“Experts “””


Gonna wax up dat longboard, catch me some waves.