Earthquakes 2019


oh god, that wasn’t nice


Nice little shaker


It was short over in Neihu! Just a little shake, only half the people in the room even noticed it.


5.7 Hualien
Way off shore



Earthquake No.: 108006

Origin time (Taiwan Standard Time: GMT+08:00): 1/30/2019 13:21:35.8

Location: 23.73N 122.40E, i.e. 84.8 km ESE of Hualien County

Depth : 37.8 km

Magnitude(ML): 5.7


It was a real roller.


Are you on a high floor?


Shook in Daan for a few seconds.


Seventh heaven


Maybe you’re on a fault then. :hushed:


It was alright. I give it a 6 out of 10.


Short but a sweet ride. I’d give it a 5/7.


I didn’t feel a thing.

Location: Taipei City, Gongguan.



Felt it too.
I am in Songshan, right next to the train station.
A bit rocky on the 11th floor.


Why so serious?! It wasn’t that big here in Guanyin. :wink:


As you can probably tell, I just havent used the meme for a while and was itching it get it into something lol.


Poor Brendan. That whole thread cracks me up every time!


No cellphone alert?

Did not feel anything.


Felt it in the south


Felt nothing. Sanzhi.