Earthquakes 2019


Didn’t feel a thing in my neighborhood. I also happened to be at ground level at the time, so extra nothing.


Felt it in Taipei near XinYi, 1st floor.


4th floor of school in Taoyuan. I didn’t even notice it until the students pointed at the cabinet moving. I was blabbing away as usual…


Holy smokes big jump then nothing. Woke me up.


Yup that was a creepy one. Initially felt more like a sudden landslide or building problem than a quake, if that makes sense.


was a very short shock here


in Shihlin District, 3.8


Was that…?


I just felt shaking here in Taoyuan. Was it an earthquake?


Rolling in Sanxia


Little bit in Daan


5.0 Hualien


yah felt it too in banqiao.


New Taipei was a 2.0


Someone from a bit more in the south called me because of the earthquake. Then it arrived here. Probably I wouldn’t have noticed if nobody had told me and didn’t see the lamp swinging.


In Kaohsiung on the 8th floor. Didn’t feel a thing.


In Taipei City Gongguan – ditto.