Earthquakes 2019


Didn’t feel a thing in my neighborhood. I also happened to be at ground level at the time, so extra nothing.


Felt it in Taipei near XinYi, 1st floor.


4th floor of school in Taoyuan. I didn’t even notice it until the students pointed at the cabinet moving. I was blabbing away as usual…


Holy smokes big jump then nothing. Woke me up.


Yup that was a creepy one. Initially felt more like a sudden landslide or building problem than a quake, if that makes sense.


was a very short shock here


in Shihlin District, 3.8


Was that…?


I just felt shaking here in Taoyuan. Was it an earthquake?


Rolling in Sanxia


Little bit in Daan


5.0 Hualien


yah felt it too in banqiao.


New Taipei was a 2.0


Someone from a bit more in the south called me because of the earthquake. Then it arrived here. Probably I wouldn’t have noticed if nobody had told me and didn’t see the lamp swinging.


In Kaohsiung on the 8th floor. Didn’t feel a thing.


In Taipei City Gongguan – ditto.



Very mild one in Kaohsiung.

Some gentle rocking on the 8th floor. Only lasted about 10 seconds or so.


In the middle of Kaohsiung now on the 3rd floor and didn’t feel a thing. I must have been really busy sending my last message :wink:


It was a super small one. I haven’t checked, but it was probably a 2 or 3.