Earthquakes 2019


I get them ones confused with trucks passing, or my belly rumbling (it is a big belly)


Apparently 5.2,
I must have really been concentrating


Wow, 5.2?? Then it either was very deep or the epicenter was far from Kaohsiung.


South east of Taitung


Yeah, as I suspected it was a 2 in Ktown.


I’m thinking on purchasing one of this:


8 years ago to this day, the Tohuku quake/tsunami disaster…

We may still have a big one:

And just to feel better, get ready:


I just felt that one, or it could be lunch time wink:


first one i’ve felt in a while!


felt that


Woke me up
Very choppy
Felt big


Felt very little.


Felt it pretty strongly in New Taipei but no text. If I die watching the Star is Born I’m going to be so pissed.


5.1 epicenter new Taipei City!

I don’t get it.
The pic says Yilan, the words say New Taipei City Hall

Well that is certainly strange.
Instead of saying the epicenter was Yilan, they are saying it was 40km east of New Taipei City Hall.


I like it how the news say: quake in New Taipei, nuclear power plants normal, show no damage. Gee, thanks, feel much better now.


I’m prepared to go to the opposite end of Taiwan from whatever nuclear power plant is damaged until flight is available to get out.


According to the map it looks to be around Fulong or Gongliao. Yes, in New Taipei City.


Eh we have nuclear power plants at both ends… make it for somewhere near the center, somewhere in Nantou perhaps?


For forumosans and others in Taipei City: you are aware that due to the geography of this place, it is utterly unevacuable in a nuclear emergency? There is simply no way to get 6 million or so people out of the Taipei basin in any sort of orderly manner.

But of course nothing could go ever wrong with the nuclear power stations. You think too much, lah!



I have an abandoned coal mine up the road that I’ve set aside for that eventuality. 24 cans of baked beans stashed to see out the nuclear winter.