Earthquakes 2019


Is that also some kind of strategy to make sure you have the coal mine all to yourself?


Just me and my canary.


I think it’s because the location is, technically, within Taipei’s kingdom. It’s very close to the border between Taipei and Yilan, but within Taipei’s domain.

yes, but nuclear plants are currently the best options if we take under consideration power output and compare it with co2 emissions. Considering that global warming is an imminent threat to life on earth, and that going only solar/eolic power isn’t viable, then i’m willing to take the risks caused by nuclear plants if the benefit is helping to fight climate change.


Stop drinking the koolaid! Nuclear and carbon-based energy are not the only two options. You’ve been tricked into the nuclear lobby’s TINA approach (there is no alternative) when in fact we need a TATA approach (there are thousands of alternatives, many of which are connected to industrial policy and reducing our energy use, including of course carbon-based fuels).



Just had an earthquake a few minutes ago here in Hsinchu.


I haven’t said anything about carbon based energy. That’s the worst option.
Nuclear power has virtually no impact on climate change while at the same time supplying enough power for the needs of whole countries.

I thought that preventing climate change from getting even worse was supposed to be our #1 priority. Developing new nuclear power reactor that are safer and more efficient seems the way to go for me (generation 4 reactors). And it’s a far more logical approach than:“Let’s look for alternatives and if they don’t work too well…well, let’s reduce our standards of living”.

In before:“Nuclear waste” -> 4th generation reactors are fixing that issue by generating waste that remains radioactive for a much shorter time, and some designs are able to use nuclear waste to generate electricity (renewable nuclear, yo!). Also, climate change is more important, gotta focus on priorities.

In before “Fukushima!” -> ah Fukushima, the dream of the “nuclear energy bad!” folks finally coming true and proving the dangers of nuclear reactors. After a huge earthquake. That generated a massive tsunami. You now, your every day scenario. But regardless of that, 4th generation reactors are designed to prevent those kinds of accidents and can supply enough clean energy to fight climate change without reducing our quality of life.


The problem I see with the nuclear energy is the same as with the carbon based fuels: what to do with what is left? the choice between posion that will not fade in hundreds of years or poison that we breathe? Tough choice. You still have no way to put them anywhere without harm. It si like sending the garbage boats to Haiti…eventually, it comes back somehow.


That’s why God invented Mars…


Martians may disagree…


Two problems:

  1. Climate change, posing a threat to life on earth
  2. Nuclear waste

Which one should be addressed first? I’d say 1), especially considering that nuclear waste treatment is something that gets better with each new generation of reactors. As I wrote above, 4th generation reactors can even use nuclear waste to produce electricity. So they’d allow the world to keep up with the ever growing energy requirements* in a clean and safe way, causing virtually no negative impact on climate change and with ever improving solution for nuclear waste treatment.

  • = human population is growing and the only way to stop that would be to enforce birth control in countries were people pump out 5/6 kids per family. I’d prefer not to go that path.


We can produce more food as long as we stop poisoning the land. That is a sooner and later problem, no need to argue urgency. Poison by plastic or by isotopes? Opting for nuclear is not even pushing the problem for the next generations as this generation will face the music. One leak and the population problem will be solved for good, either by mandatory evacuation or poisoning resources.

017 03/13 12:32 5.2 35.7 New23.59N 121.59E, i.e. 44.1 km S of Hualien County
016 03/13 04:19 5.1 132.5 24.97N 121.87E, i.e. 40.9 km E of New Taipei City

I do not trust the nuclear plants we have now here in Taiwan. I know they are not well kept and I know that the discarded fuel is not properly stored. So I hope that there are no strong quakes that take them out of comission as I do not trust the people in charge to know what to do in that case.

And to build and manage a 4th generation plant properly requires a big change in mentality here. Entitled civil career second or third generation daddy´s babies are not the kind of people I trust for that.


40.9 km east of New Taipei City Hall, strange way to describe the location.


“We need to solve climate change”
“4th generation reactors will do it”
“Well, I don’t want to solve it THAT much…”



It’s coming closer and closer and … closer!


Let´s start pickig up the garbage, stopping deforestation, working on the heat islands effect, saving water, using energy more efficiently… by then the 4th generators might have started working.


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