Earthquakes 2022

I’m on a motorbike and didn’t feel a thing in hualian. Too much shaking on the bike

Huge. Biggest one I’ve felt all day. :roll_eyes:


Another quake?

My monitor just started shaking

Seems it might not have been an earthquake, no alert on the cwb site.

Stop sitting down so hard.


You need to chill out brah.

South east Taiwan (Jinlun)


light shaking in Taichung

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still swangin here, 8th floor khh

ya, office shaking a little

Micro shake in Kaohsiung. The kind where you’re not sure if it was an earthquake or not, but you login to forumosa to see if others felt anything.


Lol yup!!
Colleague: Earthquake!!
Me: You sure?? Lemme get on Forumosa to confirm and I’ll get back to you! :rofl:

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Slight shaking, 8th floor, Taipei.

I’ve missed both earthquakes this month driving a scooter around at the time.

Woke me up :confused:
Pretty good one just now.

That woke me up, too

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05:17am, 41km N of Taitung. 5.2

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A rail line on Taiwan’s east coast that was cut off by an earthquake in September is back in service ahead of the busy Lunar New Year travel season.


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