Earthquakes 2022

Whoah. That makes me feel much better about what I’d always assumed was a rather shabbily constructed building on campus.

I’m not sure if I should feel better - maybe something else is going on architecturally - but I’m so glad we didn’t hear anything like that in our building today. No way we’d have stayed inside.

Yea, feels like a great way to ask for cheaper rent, or a follow up inspection, landlord’s choice.

Fucking weird… Some of my shirts were swaying a couple of minutes ago like if there were a quake. No aircon, dehumidifier or air cleaner running right now. Also windows closed. Has there been a tiny one?

Standard YouTube shit. “Is it adult only or is it ok for kids?” That kind of thing.


Now you mention it, I could imagine a five year old boy finding the funny sounds a building makes really hilarious.


No no no. Made for kids means It is designed for kids. It is explicity content for kids. It doesn’t mean that the video is adults only or objectionable.

It hurts a video and a channel to mark it as ‘made for kids’. You’re not supposed to mark videos as ‘made for kids’ unless it’s explicitly intended to be for kids


Well…something new I learned.

But, none of my videos are public. They are only for my Forumosa family members.

I ain’t no Youtuber…cause I ain’t smart enough.


That’s right, but making things ‘for kids’ adds restrictions.

This is a COPPA thing. Children’s personal data privacy, keeping them away from regular content etc… YouTube is meant for contract-making adults, while not necessarily being ‘adult content’

Fixed. I think. @Marco please check my work.

It’s fixed.

Kids can’t enter contracts, that’s why they can’t interact or comment etc…


My heart is racing just listening to that!

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There was one just now, no?


You sure?
If it took you almost a week to reply something had happened! :joy_cat:


I’m a long way away. I was waiting for the shock wave to reach me, but eventually I concluded that there was nothing.

Carry on.

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We call it the okinawa delay.

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Well, in all the excitement, we had our own one to deal with. I thought the cat was scratching her ear on the couch again, but no, it was a genuine 5.4

the cat does wag her leg excessively when scratching behind the ears.


Okinawa delay strikes again!

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