Earthquakes 2022

Am I the only one who thought at first that the thing on the right looked like a guillotine? :thinking:

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Nope! I gave it a second look too.

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Worse. You stick your head in for a mandatory photo op 打卡.

Is it not?

News at 11!

This just in! @bree affected by the phantom earthquake
@qwert_zuiop, @lostinasia, @nz think a food slicer looks like a guillotine

We go back to our Hualien correspondent @afterspivak. @afterspivak, how is the situation on the ground now?


Pretty nice here in the morning.

No guillotines in sight! Just tasty breakfast on the east coast. :grin:



Jolted on the east coast. Yikes!


Some smaller ones immediately after too. I hope they are not foreshocks? Maybe I should just go out for a run now…


minor tremblor

Just had a decent jolt followed by 10 seconds of gentle rocking. KHH, 8th floor

Dang. what district? Zero in Z-ying.

Yancheng. Enough to startle my wife and she rarely notices earthquakes / sleeps through fire alarms etc lol

Went to Yancheng’s Saturday night market tonight. Nice red clouds at night…

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Damn I am jealous. Great food in that part of K Town. Wish I was there!


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I was there around same time as you, but we didn’t say for the market as it looked like rain rolling in and the sunset didn’t seem promising tonight. Glad you got a good showing!

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Ok, finally got a first!


yeah. a bit of soft shaking down here, lasting 10-15 seconds

That makes two within past 10 minutes in KH. First one was 4.79, not sure about second one, but second one a bit stronger.

Edit, second was 5.3.