Earthquakes 2023

Pretty good shaking in Taipei. Wonder if the middle section of a building tends to jiggle more?

Guessing 5.3

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Standards change after being in Taiwan a while, eh?

Well I grew up in Wellington too. I’ve never been more than five minutes from a tremor my entire life.

fake news, no @marasan to be first.

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Didn’t feel a thing.

Location: Taipei City, Gongguan


Yes, fake. It don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that swing.

Ah close, 5.4

I felt it in yilan but probably only cause I was lying on my bed

Anyone know where these videos are pulled from?

Lots of earthquakes on 2 December especially in the Philippines but nothing in Taiwan.

Still ongoing.

Plus the pesky volcano in Indonesia. Somewhere close, a big fault is upset …

Yes not a good time to be hiking in that part of Sumatra . . . :grimacing:


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