Not wanting to be a panic-monger, but has anyone else noticed a distinct lack of earthquakes during the last month? It’s been spookily quiet … :shock:

I’ve noticed, but this isn’t the first time since I have been here there have been a lack of earthquakes over a long period of time. I believe the last small one anyone talked about was only a few months ago… Are you nervous? :wink:

we have had 6 this month, they have just been pretty small (except the 5 but that was pretty far south). last month there were only 9.
Definitly less than the 29 in October!

The silence before the storm … :unamused:

There was a small-ish quake either last week or the week before, can’t remember exactly ( at least it rattled my place… swaying plants / light fittings )

mm, I’m getting scared now - how often do you normally feel the earthquakes?

in Sydney and now feeling nervous :frowning:

Are you kidding? We feel them all the time here in Taiwan. I know I have been here too long because one Saturday morning around 8am there was a significant one, enough to wake me from my sleep although I was dreaming that it was someone trying to shake me awake. I stayed conscious enough to look up at the window above me think “Gee, maybe it’s not a good idea to sleep under a window during an earthquake” and fell asleep before the shaking stopped. Of course, now that my bedroom had begun building it’s own Mt. Fuji, I’m a little more alarmed than I am…
But not by much.

Don’t worry, most aren’t that bad and you get used to it after a while …

knowing the stability of your digs iou don’t think we can rely on your earthquake forecasts :slight_smile:

by the way, I am teaching my kid gambling :slight_smile:

Yes, but even the best gambler needs a foundation in arithetic.

If I feel safe in my mountain range of a bedroom, then shouldn’t everyone else feel safe too. I’ll let you know if my room evolves into its own continental drift since it has started its plate tectonics back in January. Hopefully I will have moved out before it becomes two separate rooms. I get tired of having to jump over to the other side of the room just to go to bed or get up in the morning. Especially with the foot of my bed being right on the room’s fault line.