East Asian World Orders, New Approaches

Ok. But thats not what i am talking about. taiwan puts its lions share into tech stuff it seems (pardon my ignorance, but computer type shit). thats all great, and 2 thumbs up. All for that, but i am insanely ignorant about that whole end of the spectrum! But from my dumb ass perspective, we are so far killing it so far.

What i am getting at is taiwan is so well setup and talented to have a tsmc in every sector, and i am not seeing it. Bicycles arent a huge deal, but transport is. trains, cars, ships, bikes, jet packs etc haha. taiwan does them all and has so much quality infrastructure to push it like tesla has with transport going from electric cars to mars missions. Like tsmc cooperates with government here, space x did with the us government. And shit goes much faster with financial investment and sales supported by governemnt research and funding.

Taiwan can easily push to create lab made food and become a leader there. lab stuff is right up taiwans ally! Be it dyes medicine, biofuel, mass food production etc. renewable energy the same. Literally there is no better place. I always feel its such a shame the government doesnt look past an 8 year term to help truly great companies become the tsmc in their industry. We still remain too corrupt and too short sighted for that it seems. Its so close, yet so far it makes me itchy.

I was wrong, the tech industry is one or 2 main sectors taiwan leads in. the other is democracy and human rights. Not done yet, but seems no other country has done what taiwan has done, given the hurdles, in such a short time and with relative peace in recent decades to maintian… so taiwan is really a two trick pony. Two.and a half if plastics want to squeeze in

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I think you underestimate the difficulty and capital expense as well as talent procurement to just simply create a new industry and then dominate it. Taiwan is already at full employment, it is also a risky move to just throw money at a bunch of inexperienced people in a new industry with the expectation that they ABSOLUTELY DOMINATE in a few years.

You misunderstand that specialties arise from countries for a reason. Taiwan found success doing the opposite of Korea. In Korea, you will never open a new business to compete with the likes of Chaebols such as Samsung, they control EVERYTHING in the country and political direction. Taiwan has a diversified economy that works well for it.

Throwing money at something doesn’t guarantee success. Governments and policymakers have limited means to keep their economies flowing.

You can’t have a domination on every megasector and it’s not always desirable to have one. There are thousands of sectors and jacks of all trades end up failing.

Taiwan dominates in a variety of similar sectors because it’s easier to consolidate and make your money that way. Taiwan will never bee a food powerhouse because Taiwan doesn’t have enough land for food production. Same thing with cars. Taiwan’s not a car friendly country and is a public transport friendly country. The environment doesn’t support that kind of innovation because demand doesn’t exist. The US fear of public transportation is why they salivate over electric cars DESPITE public transport being far more efficient. Gogoro is the dominant player in electric scooters because when you think about a specialty, you need to think of the ‘Who else but Taiwan’ kinda deal.

You could say the same about Japan. PCs would be perfect for Japan and they utterly struggle compared to Taiwan, not for a lack of trying. They just do. Sony sold off their AIO brand a long time ago. Samsung laptops are not that popular compared to Taiwanese brands.

What you’re getting wrong is that you’re thinking from a sports team perspective, a zero sum win or lose like a football match. It’s emotional and irrational.

We don’t need to. We do our specialties and we win, make money and create stable jobs. Greeks build ships because have you looked at Greece?

Canadians are a mining powerhouse because have you looked at Canada?

Taiwan, although doesn’t have the market share just quite yet and probably will never because of its size, is already a whiskey powerhouse.

Let capitalism take its course and people will fall into their niches. If some have to come and go to fall neatly into their niche. So be it. I left Canada because tech is the niche I fit in.

Unlike many of the more extreme right wingers that used to post here, I think open, or at least relatively open borders would be the most capitalist thing to do as it would let everyone far more easily settle into their niches and make the most out of their productivity.

Taiwan already dominates several industries.

Probably we will end up disagreeing, which is great, but i absolutely think lab work, biotech and perhaps renewables are an easy thing to do here. mostly because we are already setup, its not starting from scratch, we have nassive incentives etc. i am sayin easy from a person in industry, not as a kindergarten kid. As such, easy means we are in a very strategic position with much of the ground work already laid out. We arent like fiji or Honduras trying to take over the ~enter your industry~ world.

I view taiwan perhaps with more optimism because i see this little island as absolutely ready and easy to implement many ground breaking fronts in many industries. I dont think tech and chemical and patenting manufactuing lines is where we should end.

Perhaps the disconnect from you and me is i see so many small to medium companies crippled by red tape and stop signs that the big ones can pay their way out of. This leads to.massive amounts of taiwan ideas going.kverseas to realize their dream. If they dont just die in the water. I also see immense capitol being spent on projects and grants for low level bullshit (i call it taiwanese wellfare for those that want a bmw) that isnt going anywhere. This to me is essentially the inverted definition of future prosperity, and taiwan fails horribly here. At least from what i see.

I care little about being the flashy brand that gets all the credit. And i fully agree with your point.that taiwan has alot of companies that are crucial to worldwide brands. What i think is more important is that taiwan goes pre and post on this scale and has its own brands that are stellar (giant was a good example) and also r &d that is absolutely necessary. I fully agree w do already, but my argument is w can branch out and become tsmc for so many other industries. And youre wrong, tsmc was famous as fuck for.longer than a year…thats a bit of an insult towards their efforts. I just think taiwan is already setup, more or.less, to have this kind of dominance in many oher sectors. Relatively easily. And so far i have not seen any evidence to show otherwise. The constraints ar modern cultures laziness, governments short sightedness with the one.trick pony issue and companies unwilling to expand (same issue a number 1).

Imagine chinas vaccine diplomacy with a virus they gave us and then imagine taiwans ability to create vaccines, medicines etc cheaper than the west and without the strings of the ccp. One of hundreds of examples where taiwan can shine so bright, the world simply cannot allow the ccp to bully us anymore. In my mind, this decision is easy and so is implementing it. Our fuure prospects are stimulating, not depressing

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Dang, no love for the non tech components industries. Regardless, taiwan is well setup to do so much more. If you think on a war type scale (ie. We need to protect ourselves from China, and industry dominance is likely the best bet for success without violence) it is a football match. If you think on a normal, innovative and/or survival scale, for any nation with limited land mass and resources, its a logical move to diversify.

Frankly, canada stripping all its resources is a dumbfuck move that is incredibly short term. So that doesnt seem a good example. Ship building in countries that build ships seems a better example. Maybe those ship deconstruction countries should move forward into recycling and building new ones as well. As a canadian example, we have logged almost all our old growth forests, and we have much of the rest on fire each summer. Fishing is bottomin out. Tar sands are…well, the tar sands… mining is doing well and although bad, is nustified cause other countries are worse. This is short term retarded planning. Something taiwan isnt worried about because we make money on people (importing stuff from canada that is raping their lands, adding value and then exporting stuff). Raw resources are important, but reusing, adding value, streamlining etc are where taiwan can easily shine. It already does, but there is so much potential for more. and doing it without giving the population cancer and fucked up water. I am optimistic about taiwans abilities to innovate and help lead the world into efficient, clean and logical new directions. I just have nearly zero hope in the drive people in taiwan have to do so.