Easter ideas...help?

I can’t for the life of me remember how to dye or color easter eggs. Do you use hard boiled eggs? Poke holes in them and blow the egg out? Paint?

I’m looking for ideas that very little kids can do (with help or without). Send me some ideas? I’ll look on the net too (duh).

Also some science experiments with eggs would be cool. I made some fun books about how chickens get made but some other stuff would be interesting.

My school loves to give us “special weeks” where their usual lackadasical curriculum becomes nothing at all. Next week is Easter Special week and nobody knows how to do easter eggs.

I might be able to help, but first I need to know two things:

  1. The ages of the children involved.
  2. What kind of Easter? Christian, only bunnies and eggs, or both.

We used to poke holes in raw eggs, blow the egg out. Mix some oilbased paint with glue and then paint the shells. The gluepaint mixture will dry leaving a nicely decorated egg.

Ages 3-4. Not very articulate. Definitely bunnies and eggs. Someone said something about food coloring, wax, and vinegar. I don’t know.

Would tempura paint work? How about water colors?

I remember doing something in elementary school, but can’t remember.

you could also do an Easter Egg hunt. Or have someone dress as the Easter Bunny, and hand out eggs. Be careful mentioning that though, or you may end up in the costume yourself.
Perhaps you could have them face paint themselves as easter bunnies, and make some bunny ears for them to wear.

For that age I’d use hard boiled eggs so they don’t crush the shells. We did sponge painting for decorating so the dye didn’t totally ruin all their clothes. The sponges add some texture and they’re easy for little kids to use.

This is a nice link dltk-holidays.com/easter/index.html

Thanks for the link. The kids are getting bunny headbands and whiskers and going on a hunt. We’re coloring hard boiled easter eggs. Lots of stuff.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to add a different approach to Easter.

hi canucktyuktuk,

one simple experiment with eggs that is interesting:

take one unboiled egg and one hard boiled egg

lay each on a table

spin the unboiled egg and it will wobble around slowly

spin the hard boiled egg and it will spin like a rock.

simple but cool.

sometimes i forget if i hard boiled my eggs so i spin them to tell if they are fresh or hard boiled.

i would use hard boiled eggs so the kids can eat them later, or take them home and eat them.

also for dying eggs you can use natural ingredients for color, which is both interesting, cheaper and teaches the good uses of natural dyes vs chemical ones:

brown: used coffee grounds-soak in warm water, drop in the egg, leave until its brown enough
yellow: tumeric
green: boiled spinach water
red: beet juice
purple/blue: grape or berry juice

experiment with other foods

have fun.


Thanks, Bassman, but I don’t want to give them nightmares. I don’t think it would be nice to tell them that story at all. It’s bunnies and eggs for us.

If their parents want to tell them about the christian stuff, then that’s up to the parents.

If it were up to me, we would forget about easter in any context and do something else.

Baby animals - lamb, chick, fawn, calf, piglet, duckling, kitten, puppy, tadpole, etc. - make for a fun topic during this time of the year.