Easy song for teaching 6-7 year olds

Can anyone recommend any easy songs for 6-7 year old children? It has to be a full song, not an ESL song. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


We will rock you from queen.
I have taught this to 6 to 7 years old.

Starting with clapping the beat first.
Two hands clapping the lap two times followed by one hand-clap.

All of the kids managed and later on, I introduced drums.

Sounds a bit difficult at first, but trust me, it isn’t.
Impressive but simple.

The Beatles - Hello Goodbye

Thanks those are two great ideas. I found “Only you” as I was searching I might as well add it to the list. Seems easy enough. I think ill play all the ideas for the kids and see what they like.

[quote=“Hamletintaiwan”]We will rock you from queen.
I have taught this to 6 to 7 years old.[/quote]

Yes, a 6 year old in this household is very into this. She’s almost spitting with fury when she gets to ‘you big disgrace…’

Also on the menu are:
A-ha : Take on Me (the video is very popular, if that’s allowed)
Toni Basil: Mickey
Karel Fialka: Hey Matthew

“I’m the Map” from Dora the Explorer.

That’s probably the only part of my CELTA I can still remember. A woman came in to show us how to teach kids for an hour and we sang that song standing up and sitting down on hello/goodbye.


“Yellow Submarine”

[quote=“zender”]“I’m the Map” from Dora the Explorer.


I just turned that on in the office and got to 1:53 before everyone went nuts.

This one is not bad, simple tune and lyrics. Grammar is a bit off in places though.

Humpty dumpty was at bay
Humpty dumpty had a great lay
The ram turned to be a lamb
and humpty dumpty turned out out to be a real pervert.

Check out www.tlespot.com. they have lots of songs, lyircs, games, lesson plans and report card comments shared by us teachers.

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