Easy Wallet to arrive in Taiwan in January 2020

Will be able to pay for MRT by mobile. Hopefully everywhere that takes Easycard as well (like 7). This will be great if it works and foreigners are able to use it

I thought using Easycard with cell phone’s NFC is already possible?

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I never heard about that. But anyway, looks like we will have an actual working mobile payment system. Will make Taiwan a lot more convenient and stop the need for piles of change in your pocket and trips to the ATM.

There are plenty of mobile payment system. I haven’t used them. I would only use Google Pay as soon as I get a phone with NFC. I just use EasyCard to pay for small things for now.

So what’s wrong with those?
E.Sun wallet

Press Release-Statistics of Credit Card , Cash Card , Electronic Stored Value Cards & Electronic Payment Institutions Business Operation as of October 2019-Financial Supervisory Commission


You can link your EZcard with CHT’s HamiPay, and pay with NFC.

Apparently Apple phones cant

Because none of them are universal and not everywhere takes them. Easycard nearly everywhere takes and you can use on public transport.

Wanted to pick up a package that was delivered to 7-11 because I got a message this morning.
Their POS refused to accept payment with EasyCard. I did not have enough cash on me. Then they did not accept my VISA card. I went to the ATM and an old dude was doing his payments slowly typing all his numbers in. I got frustrated and left. I did not have too much time and had to go to work.
So many electronic payment options and so much fail. Still nothing beats cash and you have to carry around that change in your pocket. :roll_eyes:

Funnily I got an email that my order has been paid. :laughing:
It gets marked as paid when they scan it in before you actually pay for it. Great masterminds that designed that 7-11 POS system.


Exactly, that’s why need a universally accepted system.

Bitcoin ready credit cards please.

I just wish normal credit cards were accepted everywhere like in most countries.


Have you never lived outside of Taiwan? That’s a common occurrence, eveywhere. Its an unsolvable problem basically. Your transaction request went through to the server but the local device didn’t get the confirmation. It gets rectified automatically.

Just checked and systems says I picked up the package and paid for it.

It sends it got picked up and paid before you actually pay it. And I could not pay it because POS refused all payment options except cash, which I did not have on me.

How is that an unsolvable problem? I actually never encountered such an issue and I have been all around the world.
Usually one request is for transaction info. When paid it should send another one with successful transaction confirmation.

This is how all transaction systems work (PayPal, Stripe, etc.)


I am curious how they will handle it when I get back with cash after work. :grin:

I was referring to he part where the website got updated not the POS problem.
Here’s an explanation of the problem in general:

Usually the way the system is implemented like this:

  1. The device sends a transaction request to the server, if it reaches the server:
  2. The server sends a confirmation back to the device but doesn’t wait for a confirmation of the confirmation
  3. The server periodically (usually once a day) compares its database with those of each device and reverts back those transactions where the confirmation was not received.

If they didn’t screw up the code it should just overwrite the last transaction.


Two Generals’ Problem only occurs if communicating over an unreliable link.

At the moment when the cashier scans the package the system marks it as paid. It does not wait until the cashier confirms the payment. Which it absolutely should. There is no necessity to do that.

On a similar matter, they don’t print the fapiao after scanning the products before you pay for your goods, for the reason that the payment might fail (e.g. customer has not enough money).


Cash is king; cashless societies are exactly what the oligarchs want as they ease us into dystopia.

Nuts to that!

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A horrible state that is in China where you can not pay with cash in many places. Only WeChat and AliPay.


And then what happens if you’re guilty of wrong-think or your social credit score drops?

You get cut off from even being able to pay.

Total dystopian bullshit. Fuck all that.


:joy: They were hiding it in the drawer with a note and the receipt. Did not ring up in the POS again. Just asked for cash.


OK Boomers

I want to pay everywhere with my easycard on my phone and the value stored to be automatically recharged. I’m bored of piles of change and going to the bank to get money out. None of the existing options are sufficient. Look forward to Easy wallet

I want to use a totally untraceable form of digital block chain payment like Zcash that isn’t controlled by governments or banks.