haha, in Kaohsiung you most of the time ride your scooter anyways?

One benefit I see is, that easycard allows me to keep track of expenses very easily.
I put 2000 nt on the easycard and pay all the small things with it.
For bigger purchases i use google pay.

I will try that, that would fit perfectly into the phone case

not sure how to do that?

No. I don’t even have one.

Mobile payment is exactly the same in that regard. You have a balance in the app, and keep track in the app.

Virtual Easycard on Samsung wallet is available only for TW sold Samsung phones, doesn’t even work on TW sold Samsung smart watches.

Had a s22 ultra bought in HK, it had octopus functionality (Easycard of HK) but no Easycard. Bought then a fold 5 here in TW, it has the function immediately.

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Yup…I can concur! My S10+ although bought in Taiwan, was a US version. So even after changing the phone’s language to Chinese Traditional and changing the Play Store’s region to Taiwan, then uninstalling Wallet and re-installing it, it still doesn’t have TW’s Easycard option. :face_with_spiral_eyes:
I guess it’s time for me to upgrade to a Taiwan made S23 Ultra (12G/1TB)…maybe after a year or so when the price has dropped :laughing:. My S10+ still works fine.


It’s all due to the embedded secure element which slightly differs for each region from what I understand. I remember iPhones to work with IC cards in JP for instance had to be purchased in JP since they had an extra chip inside (now doesn’t matter anymore).

Still now android phones in Jp are different so they can use IC cards standards (osafu Keitai), since Google wallet works with a cloud based secure storage, not on-device like iPhones and samsungs

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I think it is probably the phone radio firmware or some such (not talking about Android). Phones in different regions have different radio software to work better with local telecoms. If a phone purchased elsewhere is unlocked and supports this one could try to download the Taiwan software and flash it.

It is hard coded, I tried to do that on my phone, but it really seems there is also some hardware difference besides the software.

Try searching here for different firmware based on model:

Thanks for the tip again.

Instead of DIY i just got this card instead.
I put it into my smartphone case and it works fine so far at 7-11 :slight_smile:

and it’s just 190 nt (compared to a real easycard, which costs 100 nt)



Why can’t you just put a regular card in your cell phone case?

I was thinking to get one too after I saw that post, and I think the thickness of a regular card would be an issue. The difference might not seem like much and it depends on the flexibility of the case of course, but there definitely isn’t enough space between my phone and case to fit a full card. The case might be able to bend around something slightly thinner and with a much smaller area though. (And if it can’t because my case is too rigid, I could just dremel out some room in the case.)

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In my old case I always had a regular card. But with a new slim case and additionally some bills, a regular card doesn’t fit

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Guys, I need some help. I downloaded EasyWallet, verified my identity, my EasyCard and went to FamiPort and followed the manual. The card seems to be connected now, but there is no automatic recharge. I was not able to use the EasyWallet at FamilyMart. Any idea how to automatic transfer the money from the EasyCard to the EasyWallet?

Or did I missunderstood the feature? My plan was to connect the EasyCard with the EasyWallet. I then charge $2.000 on my EasyCard and leave the card at home and use my phone with EasyWallet to pay MRT and in shops.

Only with TW purchased Samsung phones you can have the virtual Easycard which links to the easy wallet. Easy wallet for other phone can work only at some shops via the QR code payment function, but cannot ride the MRT.

You got it backwards. The money transfers from your EasyWallet balance to your EasyCard. Not the other way around.

Oh, damn. I thought I can finally use my phone to pay :frowning:
I have a samsung but I bought it overseas.

Not on the Taipei MRT, but you can on virtually all other rail transit systems in Taiwan.

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Well would have been nice to have a virtual EasyCard to use for most things. Thanks for the infos guys!

Just use Apple Pay on your phone, and link it directly to your bank card. Pretty much any place that takes credit cards will accept it. If they don’t, then they probably accept Line Pay or EasyPay on your phone.

The Taipei MRT is literally one of the very few places in Taiwan that doesn’t accept any kind of mobile payment.