Eat meats, West

Adam West is looking a bit pale these days. I reckon he’s got an iron deficiency, so I say “Eat meats, West!” The more different kinds the better. Otherwise, how can he hope to fight crime in this modern age?

Wings like a shield of steel? Not with a lack of iron, mister.

Very punny.

Batman != Batfink!!!

Batman != Batfink!!![/quote]

Well spotted that man! :laughing:


Batman != Batfink!!![/quote]

Baa! Batfink’s not even REAL! Who looks silly now?

Hows about this one?

“Eats is eats and West is West, and never the Twain shall meet.”

You know, Mark and Shania.

She’s so ugly. I dont know why she even bothers.

I dunno mate… her on the left’s a bit of alright.

Eat your peat ?
Whose peat ? You’re Pete !