Eating at 7-Eleven

You bet. Thats how we cook the other rice types . I have messed up every rissoto rice i have touched.

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Messed up in what way? Seems rissoto is easier as with more water you can hide your mistakes, which you can not do with white local rice,

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Too soft or too hard.

Oh! All I can say is keep trying and you will get what you what.


Very true. I have quit for now and on an indian long grain kick!

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Good, curry



i kind of prefer the long grain in burritoes and fried rice as well. Black bean styled fried rice is great with this rice :slight_smile:

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OK, I am here to give credit where credit is due.

7-11—at least in the capital and its environs—has some ongoing collaborative arrangement with Somtum Der, the Michelin-star outfit from Bangkok which has an outpost on the second floor of Taipei Main Station (hat tip to @tempogain for finding and alerting us about this gem).

Among 7-11’s current offerings is a “Beef Massaman Curry,” prepared by Somtum Der, coming in at a whopping NT$89. It’s basically a Muslim Thai coconut beef curry on rice, with just a bit of heat, with a nicely balanced mouthfeel. I’d show you what it looks like but I just scarfed this tasty meal down, so photos will need to wait. Recommended! :yum:



It’s a pink curry.

Politics aside, it’s pretty good!


Product Name Zhenzhen Theater Mouth Squid

Ingredients] Squid, Sugar, Salt, Lactose, Trehalose, Vinegar, Spicy Extract] Food
Additives "Sweetener (D-sorbitol, D-sorbitol liquid 70%), Flavoring Agents Sodium Fructose,
Sodium Lactate , aminoacetic acid, DL-aminopropionic acid, succinic acid
(DLDisodium peroxoate, milk type), calcium lactate, potassium adipate (preservative)

18 months Shelf life

●This product is made by strict quality control without refining.

●Please avoid placing it in tidal port, high temperature and certificate places.

●This product is made of fresh seafood, white amino acid powder will precipitate on the surface after drying

It is not normal, please eat it with peace of mind within the validity period.

That sounds terrible. :neutral_face:


Congee is bland, very bland and needs a ton of stuff to make it taste good

Nothing political, just the first time I’ve seen a pink curry.

I thought you had kids.

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Would adding tripe help?

There is one place on Food Panda that does a 220 NTD duck and taro congee that is a work of art. Piles of duck and fat in there.

At 7-11? :thinking:

If not, find the Panda thread and post it there!



Oh this was more a freeform congee riff.

7-11 congee is shit.

Family Mart’s new salty taro congee is pure pure fire.

Honestly, 7-11 is falling so far behind in the congee game at this point, that it’s just getting embarrassing

Talking about this bad boy