Ebay.com in Taiwan?

I noticed in the “Where Can I Find” forum that people were looking for used furniture that others might be throwing away over the Chinese New Year cleanout…

This made me think of Ebay.com, since rumor has it that they are in the process of setting up camp in Taiwan/Asia. Someone asked me the other day if I thought Ebay.com would do well in Taiwan/China. I didn’t know how to answer it?

On the one hand, the Chinese culture seems to put very little value (if not negative value) on second-hand goods. Then again, maybe there are many people who like to collect things as a hobby?

I’m sure the company has done its research before deciding to move in this direction, but I thought it would be fun to toss the question around anyway. Anyone want to take a stab?

I think Chinese people like to save money and I think Chinese people like to have face, so if they can get something cheap on Ebay that is ming2pai2 brand name and in good condition- they need not tell anyone they bought it second hand, they appear well-to-do, and they save money. Many Chinese like to do business, so this may be a hobby kind of outlet for Chinese who can’t start a real, full-scale business on their own (my brother, who is a round-eye, loves to buy and sell on eBay and he doesn’t even have the gene for commerce that many Chinese do). So I think if they advertise it right (ie eBay doesn’t come off seeming like they deal in junk, but rather in secret treasures) I think it will be a big success. PS My Taiwanese husband loves shopping at Goodwill for cheap stuff. We have all kinds of weird painting/prints hanging on our walls that he thinks are the height of Western culture. I just let him go crazy. Our home is decorated in late 1970s Goodwill.

In the last five or eight years, a number of retailers have set up large operations in Taiwan selling assemble-yourself furniture, do-it-yourself home accessories, and all kinds of related items. Some of these shops even sell paint, varnishing, floor polish, etc. and promote the idea of the homeowner (or occupant) doing the job by himself/herself!

I think that 25 years ago, such an idea would have found no takers in Taiwan. So, it is true that times are changing . . .

Hence, in terms of second-hand merchandise, it is something that needs to be promoted. Realistically speaking, the person who can successfully promote it will stand to make a good deal of money.

Indeed, perhaps this entire Ebay type of concept could be included in Christine’s new dot com start-up project ??? An slowly-growing “cash cow”, perhaps ???

If there wasn’t already heaps of Taiwanese auction sites similar to Ebay, I would say the market definetly would be ripe.

But how are the heaps of similar “taiwan ebays” doing? The leader before was www.coolbid.com.tw – but they are supposed to have “given up” on the “small” Taiwan market to focus their energies on the Mainland (www.coolbid.com.cn)

I’m interested in both ebay in Taiwan and other ebays becuase I’ve use eBay somewhat regularly for almost half a year now (but only as a buyer). Am nearly ready to start selling, too – so if you eBay from here, too, please post becuase I might need your help

Gus, my husband has sold stuff from here on ebay… extra golf clubs, even an old Rolex. What questions do you have?


Can you sell tumors on ebay?


you can sell almost anything on ebay, as long as there are takers. dunno if anyone would want to buy a tumor though, unless it’s for research, or unless it were michael jordan’s tumor. good luck.


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Thank you for the thoughtful if thoroughly useless information you posted in response to my tumor question.
Concerning the price my tumor will bag. I’m sorry to say that, unfortunately, my cancer sac was not removed from anyone of great importance (though if held a certain way it does resemble Mel Torme crooning).
The reason I’d like to sell it is I’d like to take the money I could earn from the sale to invest in another lump growing in my throat. My doctors are convinced its another tumor. But I’m certain, with the right amount of venture capital, I can development into a more profit-making goiter. Your comments please.


That was pretty fast. Really good response time. you must be a night owl, which, according to a recent study published in the U.S., decreases your mortality rate. Keep this up and you might live long enough to get enough paid-up capital for an incorporation. You might even live through a due diligence tour and see your next malignant mass make its IPO. But alas, your tumor might grow a tumor and kill itself, thereby cease to exist, and since you cannot sell intangible items on ebay, all of your efforts would have been wasted. Nice try though.


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I guess this will answer the question about ebay in Taiwan.

Can anyone offer some good and bad comments about their experiences with eBay in Taiwan?

ebay Taiwan is already huge! My friends are on there all the time selling things. I would love to use it but unfortunately ,all in Chinese :cry: