Ebenezer Scrooge 2.0

What Page was doing each year was something of a philanthropic sleight of hand. Private foundations are required by law to disburse at least 5 percent of their assets a year, a requirement meant to make sure that these taxpayer-subsidized philanthropies actually took part in charity.

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Haters gonna hate. It’s his money and his charity. He can do what he pleases.


So can welfare kings & queens, eh? :cactus:

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I feel like charity is pointless for these guys. Everyone is better off if someone like Elon Musk just spends all of his time and resources into creating things rather than giving kids flu shots in Oakland.

If I was to create a country, I would give special exemptions from taxes if you are a generational innovator as long as they put the money back into their innovations. I would rather give Bill gates 1 billion dollars than the government to do good in society.


Uncle Sam wants his cut.

Why anyone thinks these guys actually give to charity is laudable but yet LOL.

How would non-profits actually function is the Gates, Dusks,Bezos actually donated funds to them?

I don’t think they would function as they do now.

I assume every charity is a scam until proven otherwise.


Yes, and it’s easier than being a cult leader. I need to convince a few dozen people to give me everything they own to save their souls from the devil’s comet.

Wait, isn’t that what Gates did?