Ebook Reader (alternative to Kindle)

I’m looking to get an ebook reader soon, and want to stay away from Kindle as it’s tied to Amazon. So preferably a generic or brand (I’m not brand-fussy) that’s not locked down in anyway.

I looked at the OPad-N2: http://www.onnchina.com/ - it’s a tablet running Google Android 2.1. Cheapish at NT$3900.

But what about a dedicated ebook reader (or similar cheapish tablets) - any suggestions?

Do you want a tablet or an Ebook reader though? Very different beasts. An Ipad can read Ebooks but is not an Ebook reader as the screen is not E ink so does not behave as nicely in strong light. Also, some newer devices like the Asus thingy I see advertised, use a reverse version of E ink from what I gather and the result is a whiter screen but duller, muddier shades of Grey.

If you want to meet in the middle then try the Nook colour. It can easily modded into a full android Tablet. I’m considering getting one as I don’t really see the need for a tablet but the PDF re flow on Ebook readers is a bit iffy. Sucks as you can miss diagrams on a technical PDF

If like me you want to be able to see the screen in blazing sunshine then get a dedicated Ebook reader. I have an old Sony prs 505. No Wifi or 3g but then neither does my physical copy of “Fear and Loathing”. The device suits my needs just fine. Supports a wealth of formats. Not sure what the newer models are like. I guess it will boil down to which reader supports the most formats for me when mine eventually dies.

I’d draw a list of things you want to be able to do with a device then see if a tablet or an Ebook reader fits your needs. Then start checking the competition.

Also head over to a dedicated forum and ask some questions as they’d be better placed to answer any q’s you may have. Obviously you’re restricted by your location but where there’s a will there’s a way. I hover on this one every so often.

Thanks - will have a look-see at the site/forum. And the Nook…

Here are a few options buy.yahoo.com.tw/?catitemid=57119
The iriver Story 2G should be similar in terms of functionality to a Kindle I guess.
I’ve only seen the BenQ in the flesh and it’s ok I guess.
A bunch of tablets here buy.yahoo.com.tw/?catitemid=43412 but nothing as cheap as the one you found.

Bump many years later. My wife’s interested in a Kindle e-reader, but she only wants it to port in open-source Chinese-language books - and I suspect that there are cheaper options if that’s all she wants to do. Has anyone bought an e-reader locally that’s fairly easy to manage? One that handles Chinese text well? What kind of prices? (For comparison, the Kindle Paperwhite that Amazon is willing to ship to Taiwan is currently USD$140.)

We’re definitely looking for an e-ink device, not a tablet. I’ll probably be moving files from the internet to the device through the Calibre application on an Apple computer.

You wont get cheaper or better than a Kindle. They are subsidized by Amazon as they make money from content. The Kindle Paperwhite is great kit. There Kobo ones are ok, but they are not cheaper

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Thanks for the help. There’s nothing cheaper, even when shopping here in Taiwan? It looks like ordering a Kindle Paperwhite from amazon.com will cost TWD 5,353 - are there other options I’m missing? Can I buy one here these days?

I’ve had a Kindle of one sort or another for years - current one is a Paperwhite, bought two years ago - and I love it, but I’m not sure if it’s what’s best for my wife’s use case.

There is Kobo and Sony do a high end one. The margins are so low and Amazon sells for so cheap, there isnt much point of anyone getting involved in the market.

I bought mine from Shopee, was cheaper. There are some resellers in Taiwan who import there.

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