Economics of owning an old car

I have this old rustbucket, and the tax is due soon.

It has obviously stopped depreciating in value, so if it doesn’t need much maintenance it’s cheap motoring.

On the other hand, er, how much are the taxes anyway? I hardly use the thing, and don’t know if I can justify spending the money.

Should I decide to get rid of it it’s worth ‘whatever someone will pay for it’ - ie not much. What would I get for it if I just scrapped it? I saw a reference here to some kind of payment scheme. Did I imagine that? Or is it an easy alternative to going through all the hassle of selling it?

Thanks in advance for answers.

The amount of tax you pay will depend on the size of your engine.

Isn’t parking a bigger expense than road taxes/registration?

Why not darken the windows and turn your car into a mobile classroom? Use it for privates, and rent it out to horny teenagers who don’t have enough money for a lovel motel.

Will the car last for another year?

If it won’t, then ditch it.

You are going to pay in the neighborhood of 14,000NT in taxes. That is including both fuel and registration tax.

Hell, it’s not worth much more than that, but if it keeps you dry and will run another 12 months, why not hang on to it.

You won’t get much from the government for it…Probably less than 6k.

if it’s really no good anymore, you could seal up the car with silicon putty and turn it into a lovely fish tank