Eddie Izzard DVDs

For the sake of my sanity.

[quote=“curlyclaire”]For the sake of my sanity.[/quote]There’s some in my house. You can’t buy them here, you have to get them sent from abroad, from Mrs Badcrumble, who’s made out of jaaaaam. (it’s funnier when he does it)

At my house - we have Dress To Kill.

On my computer. Not saying where I got them from, though :wink:

Alternatively, you can ask a few people if they need to order something from Amazon(it saves on shipping) and start using that credit card that has been burning in you pocket.

Oh people that’s just mean, you might as well add a “ne ne ne nene” to the end of it before pulling my pigtails and running away. And whatever you do, don’t point me to the credit card…

You don’t have pigtails, Curly Claire.

Can I come and play at your house? My mum said I could.

I can get some more you know ? :banana:
And Jack Dee, and that Irish feller off Father Ted, he’s good too.