Eddy.LIVE Podcast. Interviewing people in Taiwan, live from Eddy's Cantina in Tianmu

Thanx, i have the service witb pod.co but i have no idea what to do with it. Ill keep digging and check your video. Many thanx

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Wanna send a special shout out to this community for encouraging me to turn my YouTube channel Podcast into am audio only Podcast as well. Its been great, been getting some downloads from all over the world kinda cool. Anyways we are up on the top 8 audio only platforms and doing well. Check us out!
Consider subscribing to the YouTube channel so that we can have our own Rogan style show here in Taiwan.

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I just listened to the episode with Elias Ek:

Great one!

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I just listened to another episode from @Eddy_LIVE podcast (with David Chard as a guest) released some weeks ago.

They talked about a fundraise for Denise Boyd, a foreigner resident who is a single mother. She had serious health issues and needed help taking care of her daughter.

I listened to the episode today and went to visit the fundraise webpage. I found out that, unfortunately, between the episode released and the time I listened to it, Denise passed away, leaving her daughter, Tiana, without financial resources.

Knowing the Forumosa community, I thought I could share the be link here and hopefully some people could donate some funds to help supporting Tiana’s future.


In full disclosure, I haven’t met Denise or Tiana, but I think acts of kindness don’t necessarily need to be aimed only to people you know.
I also don’t know the details of how the funds raised will be redirected to Tiana, but by seeing the names of the organizers, such as Ed Gonzalez and Elias Ek, I think we can rest assured that there’s no scam behind it.

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