Eddy's Cantina, Tienmu Open (Danshui Closed)



Good grief, they were popular in JAPAN? :threadjacked:


[quote=“TainanCowboy”]Good Mescan food, like all good food, is a true blessin’…I miss good it here…and I dearly miss one of my most favorite meals for desayuno …

some folks know what I’m talkin’ about![/quote]

Mondongo para dessayuno!!! SOCORROOO!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :sick:



The horror!!! The horror!!!


VIVAN LOS CHICOS (de Puerto Rico)!!

OT: extra points for whoever finds Ricky Martin in that pic


Es menudo aqui chica…further sud you know it as mondongo.

En Mehico and Tejas its known as menudo. And its standard food for Saturday and Sunday morning hangovers.

Birria is good also. Beef, goat, pork…all good. With lots of corn tortillas! And then theres’ albondigas or ‘wedding soup.’

Muy delicioso!


I’m not Sandman, but I highly recommend Eddie’s carnitas tacos, and if you’re able to go midweek for lunch, the carnitas rice bowl is a flaming mouthful of spicy hot, if you add his red salsa to the jalapenos it already contains. :slight_smile: I love it!

One thing I’ve noticed about food here in Taiwan (no matter where I eat) is that it’s never salty enough for me. Luckily, at Eddie’s I can go grab a salt shaker and salt to my taste. That may be why you thought the food was bland, they may be leaving the salting to the customers in order to appeal to the Taiwanese tastebuds.[/quote]

So, you’ve never eaten Hakka food then.


Only a little, at my friend’s house. Still not salty enough. :smiley:


Wow… this place looks quite good!
I just visited the website and now I cannot wait to pay a visit!

I’ve been dying for Mexican food every since moving back to Taiwan.
I miss my Chipotle Burritos!


I went to Eddy’s again today since I was in the area. Today I tried Chimachunga again, I think the food is a bit salty for me, and was not this salty in the past. This may be good news to a lot of people though. I personally try not to each much salt with my diet due to family medical history. Anyway, see the picture below.


Ok, so I’ve been to Eddy’s about 4 times now after it being the first thread I saw on here awhile back. All 4 times I have brought friends with me and spending my whole life in SoCal and having a Spanish side of my family I’d say I know something about Mexican food.

The first time I went with a friend, who has lived here his entire life, during the week the day after I first saw this post, we found it after a little pathfinding and direction asking. I got the beef burrito with horchata. At the end I thought the burrito was a little mundane but still good and was extremely filling. But made it worth the trip was the horchata, absolutely delicious. I also had an horchata with Kahlua which was an excellent combination of two of my favorite drinks (future travels with friends to Eddy’s found that the ones who had no hertiage connection with the food preferred Horchata with Kahlua as opposed to it without. Though they thought both were good. I have always loved Horchata since I was a young boy however and prefer it pure.)

I came back another time with a whole group of friends who had heard of our exploits there and got the beef quesadilla with horchata w/ kahlua on a saturday. It was busy there but not overly busy and we still had a table. The quesadilla was quite good, I remember enjoying it and I thought that it was worth the trip itself, horchata w/ kahula sealed the deal.

Came back a third time with a friend, got the beef burrito again trying to give it another shot. It was the same as i remembered it and since I had it for lunch and it was so filling, I ended up skipping dinner.

The fourth time I went with a few friends and I got the beef fajita. This was absolutely worth it, it was very flavorful and if you put the salsa and the guacamole into it as well it makes for a tasty concoction that was totally delicious and was as filling as a normal meal.

Bottom line:
get Horchata
get Horchata
get Horchata with Kahlua
get beef Fajita
try the burrito some time to see if you like it (its extremely filling)

They also had an impressive selection of imported beers and sodas for those with some extra cash to spend.

Overall, I’d say Eddy’s better than I could ever hope for. :thumbsup:


Carnitas tacos. Carnitas tacos. Carnitas tacos.


Traveled to Tamshui for a weekend trip with my kids from Taoyuan last weekend. We went to Eddy’s and the food was great. The staff was friendly and my kids loved their intoduction to Mexican food.

keep up the good work.


Hello Everybody Eddy here! Sorry for the extended absence but i’ve been preparing a new menu and its taken a while to develop, design and print etc. However all of our menus have now been professionally revamped! Once again by our everything designer. (eddyscantina.com (which has also been re-done) for more details! Thanx a lot and thank you so much for the continued support!



[/color], [color=#BF00FF]
Shrimp Ceviche
[/color], [color=#FF4040]
[/color]and [color=#40FF00]
Pico de Gallo

Wonderful news!


Good job and Congratulation on Eddy’s Cantina 1st Anniversary in July


I am looking forward to eating here. I would actually be willing to make the 1.5 hour trip to try it.

It looks excellent.


I’m looking forward to summer break, when I’ll be able to get over there for lunch more often! Will try to come by either Thursday or Friday, too, since we have those days off this week. I like rice dumplings, but I’d rather eat at Eddy’s for Dragonboat Festival!


Can we confirm that Eddie’s will be open on Thursday and Friday?

I’d hate to make the trek up there only to find out that the Cantina is closed for the holidays.


Hi Everybody its funny that you should mentions the holidays cuz i was just about to post about it. Thursday, Saturday and Sunday are fine and we will be open. However, on Friday we will be closed for the entire day. The reason for this is that Danshui city closes some of its main streets for the dragonboat festival parades and our street is one of them. Last year when we were still on the Old street market, the street was not only closed, but it was full of crazy fireworks and smoke and lots of firework red paper and garbage flying everywhere so we basically just stood there and got covered in crap. This is a tradition in Danshui i guess which is actually quite cool for anybody who’s not selling food, Ha! Anyways the streets will all be closed no cars and only the occasional scooter who doesnt mind getting burned will be able to get through. So Basically, on Friday we will be closed all day, sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanx for all the great feedback and if you need anything customized (like salty or spicy) let the waitress know and we’ll fiz you up no problem. Thanx again for all the great posts it really does mean a lot to us.



Feedback? OK. When I was head chef in a large Mexican restaurant in Edinburgh, we also made our ceviche with bite-sized chunks of boneless white fish fillets, usually lemon sole or plaice (both of which are kinds of flatfish), but any white fish fillets would do. It outsold the shrimp ceviche approximately 5 to 1, cost us less to make and sold for exactly the same price. It tastes much better, too. Save the prawns for shrimp Veracruz.