Eddy's Cantina, Tienmu Open (Danshui Closed)


No problem, because I’m supposed to go see a movie with a friend on Friday - I’ll have my Eddy’s Cantina lunch on Thursday!

Enjoy your day off, you guys deserve it for all the hard work you do.


Thanx for the tip


Went to TAmshui yesterday, couldnt find the place. How to get there from the tamshui mrt on foot?


There’s a map on his website: eddyscantina.com/


I went to Eddy’s this past weekend. I have been to Eddy’s once before and found the food to be absolutely delicious. When I decided to spend the day in Danshui, I was excited to end it on a high note by eating some delicious Mexican food. Unfortunately, I was extremely disappointed…

As amazing as I remember the food being last time, I found it to be equally as unsavory this time. I’m not sure if it is the change of the menu, increase in popularity, or just a bad day, but I don’t think I’ll be returning any time soon. Now for the details… I ordered a steak burrito meal set. Someone previously described the burrito as “mundane” and I would have to agree. Amidst the largely tasteless refried beans and rice inside the burrito, I think I was eventually able to find a strip of steak or two. It didn’t seem to have any seasoning (or at least, very little) and about halfway through, I didn’t even want to eat it anymore. I asked for some sort of hot sauce or anything to give it some flavor, but none was available. My girlfriend ordered a quesadilla and I had a taste of hers. Again, it was pretty tasteless - at least it was better than the burrito (which isn’t saying much). When I asked my other two friends (one of which ordered a quesadilla, and the other I believe ordered a Taco) how the food was, they also seemed less than thrilled. They specifically mentioned the taste as “very bland”. After a long day of walking through Danshui, I was really excited about the horchata. Much to my dismay, they were out of the horchata, although I was able stare longingly at other tables that were still drinking it!

All in all, I thought my first visit to Eddy’s was 9/10. This time around I would give it a 2. I was very very disappointed. Eddy’s was one of the main reasons for going to Danshui in the first place, which trust me is a very long trip for me. I can’t say I will be going out of my way again. I really hope this was just a bad night, but when 1 out of 2 trips to the place is terrible, it doesn’t warrant going so far to go back.


First off “redheadintaiwan” i’d like to formally apologize on behalf of myself and and the restaurant and please let me explain a few reasons for the confusion on your last visit.

I remember you and your table exactly you had around 5 people and we were full so you sat at the bar if i remember correctly. I also remember you comming before and being quite happy with things. ok, with the slight increase in menu and staff I sometimes pass some of the food duties onto the cooks which i have trained personally and it has usually been fine. I always check and it is usually not a problem. This particular day was extremely busy and i needed to step out to replenish supplies while i had another person refry the beans for me. I shall definately retrain the staff and thanx for the heads up. Refried beans are about the simplest thing to make properly however because of the simplicity they are quite easy to mess up as well. Anyhways i will retrain and retrain till its done properly. The horchata, a once unkown drink in taiwan, has recently become super popular and as it is also homemade, it had just ran out and the other people drinking it in fact had the last couple of glasses. Therefore when it runs out it must be remade via soaking of the rice etc so its not a quick process, usually overnight. The steak that we use contrary to what other people use (cheap neo-rou mien beef) is actually round slabs of sirloin that we cook on an iron grill which brings out the flavor of the steak. The light spicing is to compliment the nice quality of the meat. However again if you want it spicy or custom you just need to ask one of the waitresses to pass on the message. For example i have a few customers (Mexicans and so-cal folk) that really like spicy so when i cook their meat
and food I add some fresh habanero or better yet super potent habanero paste which really burns up the tastebuds. The kitchen staff usually comes out of the kitchen literally in tears. anyways the point is if you want it u just need ask.

ANyways i could explain the restaurant biz all day but I;d like to personally invite you 4 or 5 up one day and ill cook everything for you myself personally and if you give me a quick heads up i’ll definately have a bunch of horchata waiting for you.

Thanx for the heads up on that and I hope to see you again one day



Yes, we were that group of 5 sitting at the bar that night. My chicken tostada was okay although the chicken was a bit dryer than I remember, compared to the old burrito stand at the night market. My girlfriend’s Carnitas Quesadilla was delicious as before though.

I think there’s an inevitable tradeoff… when Eddy and Jo personally made each dish with lots of care, it took longer and groups wouldn’t always get their food at the same time. The wait was well worth it though. After pages and pages of complaints and suggestions, the operation was geared more towards expediting the timely delivery of food as well as accomodating the endless suggestions of expanded menu items. Consequently, from what I experienced, the food regressed from being world-class outstanding to simply mainstream quality.

When Eddy and Jo first started, aside from the sopapillas, they had 2 main dishes: burritos and quesadillas. Eddy brought the recipes from home where they were passed down from his family. They made these two specialty items like no one else and they were unbelievably delicious, enough so that my girlfirend and I would take the MRT after work on weekdays, in the rain sometimes, from the Taipei east side just to get them. Now, with all the “you should add XXX to the menu, and change XXX, and we want our food in 15 minutes or less and within 3 minutes of each other,” then you can expect that management resources are spread much too thinly to accomodate these requests rather than just concentrating on making the best burritos this side of the world. Maybe customers have come to expect way too much from Eddy’s, I mean the place is named “Eddy Burrito” for a reason (not “Eddy’s Mexican Food”), or Eddy is just trying too hard to please every person with a suggestion (add canned corn and sugar to your salsa, it’ll be better!), I don’t know.

My 2NT’s worth


I’ve been to Eddy’s Cantina about 20 times and I’ve never had a negative food experience. But I always go when it’s not super-crowded because I live in Danshui and hate the prime-time crowds. But every time I’ve gone it’s been fresh and tasty. The margarita prices are sneakin’ up though! That whole “new menu” thing! But I had the cerviche and it was really good.


Never trust gingers.


I can’t wait to try this place. It is just so damn faraway!!


Gifthorse, there’s more than one good reason to go to Danshui! Make a weekend daytrip of it!


Hey everybody. You’ve got to try it if you haven’t eaten here yet.

I went to Eddy’s Cantina today and had a nice plate of Eddy’s Nachos and a Carne Asada Burrito with fresh homemade salsa and guacamole, and washed it down with a nice San Francisco Steamer Beer. Eddy has also added many new items to their menu since my last visit. I’m definitely having a couple fish tacos next time. Awesome, awesome!

Thanks Eddy and Jo. I’m never disappointed. Your cuisine reminds me so much of the San Diego California style Mexican food that I enjoyed while living there.

You’re the best! :notworthy:


I tried to go to Eddy’s today, at 1 pm, but it was all locked up. It was a bit of a disappointment, but I live in Danshui so it wasn’t a big deal. If I had come from downtown though…


Hello, those tamales I had the other night were inedible. There was absolutely no filler. Are they going the way of most Taiwanese restaurants i.e. cutting the quality vs. increasing the price???

Loved the place all the other times I ate there.


[quote=“tango42”]Hello, those tamales I had the other night were inedible. There was absolutely no filler. Are they going the way of most Taiwanese restaurants i.e. cutting the quality vs. increasing the price???

Loved the place all the other times I ate there.[/quote]

Uh, are tamales on the menu?! :eh:

I go to Eddy’s pretty regularly, and while I haven’t noticed a decrease in quality, the prices do continue to edge up with each new expansion of the menu. My meals there have actually become much more expensive: a little of the increase is due to the increased prices, but most of it is due to the expanded beer selection (Anchor varieties and Old Speckled Hen, or whatever it’s called). Oh well - I still love the place.

The lunch dishes, however, are a great deal if you’re particularly budget-conscious.


Hello Everybody, Eddy here, thanx for all of the comments both good and bad they really do help us to adjust things. This first year has been great and I’d like let all of our customers know that we really do appreciate the support through this first year of business. And to show our appreciation I’d like to announce that on our First year anniversary (Wednesday July 8th, 2009) we will have a customer appreciation night. Basically on Wednesday July 8th, 2009 we will be serving Sangria from 5:30 – 9:30 to all of our customers! And to show our gratitude to you the customer the Sangria will be …… FREE! All you can drink! So come on in and have something to eat but don’t buy anything to drink cuz we’re giving all customers free sangria! Drink all you can! The only catches are that you must order something to eat and no reservations. Besides that drink drink drink free sangria till 9:30 when the kitchen closes!

YOUR INVITATION to EDDY’S CANTINA’S 1st year anniversary
When: Wednesday July 8th, 2009
Where: Eddy’s Cantina
What: 1st year anniversary
Who: Everyone’s invited
Why: Because we appreciate all of your support through this first year of business


See you there

A few more things to add

  1. I haven’t made tamales since i was a kid with my mom back in the day. I’d love to get them on the menu but it will not be anytime soon. So I’m not quite sure what more to say about that.
  2. Last weekend was a crazy busy weekend and we sold out of 98 percent of our stuff including meat and veggies. The veggie market is closed on mondays and so therefore no veggies. Our meat distributor delivers late afternoon so no meat. Rather than open with nothing we took the morning off and as soon as the meat was delivered we started rolling with veggies purchased elsewhere that were way overpriced. I apologize for the inconvienence but it was not possible to open that monday for lunch.
  3. the reason that the import beers are expensive is because the cost is super high to purchase them. I apologize for that but the prices of each alcohol reflects the price of the cost. However if you like anchor steam products please join us any or every sunday for “Anchor Steam Sundays” where all anchor steam products are 140nt no other purchase necessary, Regular price 200nt and on sundays 140nt!
  4. Because of the readjustments on the new menu we have scrapped the Service charge! SO no more trying to figure out that bill plus 10 percent B.S.!
  5. Please accept my apologies for all the mistakes we’ve made this first year and join us on July 8th for free Sangria! ONE NIGHT ONLY! ONLY AT EDDY’S!


Oops, my mistake about tamales… that another place…


Congrats Eddy, I wanted to go on my brief visit to Taiwan but I couldnt find the place (my bad). Its great to have a restauranteur (sp) taking and giving feedback though.


3) the reason that the import beers are expensive is because the cost is super high to purchase them. I apologize for that but the prices of each alcohol reflects the price of the cost. However if you like anchor steam products please join us any or every Sunday for “Anchor Steam Sundays” where all anchor steam products are 140nt no other purchase necessary, Regular price 200nt and on sundays 140nt![/quote]

Oh, I’m not complaining about the high cost of the beer - that’s just the way it is, and if you want quality, you usually have to pay for it. I’m just noting that when there’s only Heineken or Taiwan Beer on a menu, my bill is lower because I don’t bother with beer. But when something good is available, I’ll buy beer, and that makes the bill a lot higher. I’m just happy there are now a few places in Danshui where I can get a good drink.

One suggestion: on days like last Monday, when you have to unexpectedly close, it may help customer relations to put a note up on the door explaining the closure. Maybe you did this; I don’t know.

Congratulations on one year!


Important Notice:
From July 29 - July 31 Eddy’s Cantina will be closed for a short break.
We will resume business Saturday August 1st. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanx Eddy
七月29日至七月31日休息。 八月一號星期六恢復營業。 造成不便 敬請見諒