Eddy's Cantina, Tienmu Open (Danshui Closed)


[quote=“Eddy_Burrito”]So keep your eyes open for anaheim peppers or Chiles poblanos.

I bet you could get either from P & P Foods on Jinmen St. You send Dragonbones a PM and ask him to send you their produce catalogue.


Have you checked this guy out?

Chili - 淡水辣椒王
TEL:(02)26268075 0932157417

He has a huge collection of chili species in his farm.


Website is updated go in and check it out, www.eddyscantina.com checked who out (LpeterC) btw? Also, dont forget to add Eddy’s Cantina to your list of likes on Facebook, when
we reach 500 like we will start discounts for facebookers and the same for 1000 likes. See you guys soon and if you have any questions, email me gsa_soccer@yahoo.com



Aren’t you looking for chilis? Click on the link! In case you have problem, here is the URL:

Just trying to help… :s


[quote=“LPeterC”]Aren’t you looking for chilis? Click on the link! In case you have problem, here is the URL:
Or maybe the Shìjiè Làjiāo Wénhuàguǎn.


Thanx for the tip about the chilies, we have been using the persons chillies for a long time actually. He doesn’t have chilies poblanos.

Attention: Eddy’s Cantina will be closed from Tuesday, January 25th to Saturday February 5th for the Chinese New year Holiday.
We will resume regular business hours on Sunday February the 6th at 11:30 noon.
Sorry for the inconvenience and enjoy your holiday.

Happy New Year from Eddy’s Cantina



Attention everybody! you don’t have to come all the way to Danshui for Mexican Food anymore, though you’re still more than welcome to. Eddys Cantina will open a branch in Tienmu very soon!

Eddy’s Two in Tienmu!
Ok Everybody you wanted it, you got it! Eddy’s Cantina is proud to announce that we are currently working on our second location. Our new restaurant will be located in Tienmu! That’s right thanks to the support of all of our current Eddy’s customers we will now have a new restaurant in Tienmu. It will be located close to Taipei American School (TAS) on
#1 Lane 3 Alley 450 Zhong Shan North Road Section 6. , Tienmu Taipei. Or easier put, the old Sababa location in Tienmu. So stay tuned to this webpage or Our facebook page for more details as they unfold…

So fresh and real Mexican Food will not only be available in Danshui but in Tienmu as well… I am working on a few new things as well, that will compliment the Eddy’s meals as well so stay tuned.
BONUSAlso, this summer Eddy’s Mom will be making her first visit to Asia, finally! so expect more very soon. You aint seen nothing yet…

Eddy’s Cantina


Great news Ed! I’m looking forward to meeting your mom! :slight_smile:


Will you get her cooking in the kitchen? I’ll be there! :slight_smile:


Good Luck.You’ll need it in Tian Mu .Especially in that location. So how many Mexican restaurants have come and failed in TianMu now? Having said this, I’ll see you opening day, I luv Mexican!!! Especially cold dos XX equis.


I am on my way batman. CRAP… I THINK I AM LATE FOR THE PARTY.


Was in there yesterday due to the good weather. Great picnic food as always, take it away and to the waterfront to watch the sunset (is that a song?). Had a good chat with new guy J. that is going to run Tianmu. Looking forward to seeing the Chile Rellenos and tamales on the menu there. :wink:


All right faithful Eddy’s Cantina followers. I’ve got some cool news! Yesterday, I was conducting some personal business in Tien-Mu when by chance I bumped into Eddy and his wife Jo outside their newest Eddy’s Cantina location! They are busily painting and constructing and are in the process of creating another fabulous restaurant. They have a few more final touches to put on it, but they are expecting to open up in early May! So, where is this place, you ask? What does it look like? Well, friends. I just happened to have my Ipod with me and I pulled it out and took a couple “unauthorized” photos of Eddy and Jo’s new place in Tien-Mu. It’s in a great location on a quiet side street off of Chung-Shan N. Rd. near Subway, Wellman’s Market, Mary’s Hamburgers, etc. It’s truly top shelf and I’m going to enjoy coming down to sit on the outside veranda and drink beer whilst eating Eddy’s fabulous cuisine!

Note to Eddy and Jo. Sorry about the pics, but I had to do it. I am so excited about your new place, especially after seeing it in real life and I know other Forumosans will be glad I tantalized them with the preview pics. :blush:

So, without further ado. Here are the pics.


Hello y’all sorry I’ve been to busy to post here but I’ve been going back and forth from Danshui to Tienmu to loads of other place to set up the the store right. Anyways I’m very happy to let everybody know that i have top announcements to make.

Friday, April 29th from 3pm to 9pm will be the soft opening for Eddy’s Cantina in Tienmu. All Formosans are invited , always.

If you cant make it then May 2nd and 3rd we will have our grand opening and we will be open from then on with our regular business hours. Attention: Danshui store will still be open during the soft opening but will be closed for the Grand opening.

Also I’d like to clear a few things up while i’m here as well. We have our staff trained up in Danshui store and I of course will be back daily to cook and supervise in Danshui however I will be running the Tianmu Branch myself. Also, the Menu will include more specialty items eventually, but not right in the beginning due to the fact that its a new kitchen and new staff so we will smooth everything out first.

Thanx everybody for the support, and we look forward to seeing you in Danshui or now in Tienmu. The location was originally a Sababa and they did a great job on the renovations so what we did was customization with the kitchen and the colors, a la Mexicana just like the first one. Im very excited to have all of you come and check it out. (02) 2873-7612 is the new number at the shop in Tienmu or if you have any personal questions you can email Eddy gsa_soccer@yahoo.com or text Eddy 0919336444. Thanx for the support of all the forumosans , we wouldn’t have been able to do it without you.

Eddy and Jo

P.s. i will post pics very soon, though im not very sure how to do it on forumosa. Keep up to date on our facebook page: Eddys Cantina or on our website: www.eddyscantina.com.
P.P.S. thanx a lot Northcoast surfer for uploading this “Under construction” pics very cool of you.


Here’s a map for both establishments. :slight_smile:


I have to take a Friday afternoon off again? . :wink:

Now that makes more sense.

Thanks for the pictures and maps Northcoast Surfer. Save me a seat at the tables outside.


I could not be more excited about the new location! Will be in very soon (and over and over again). :slight_smile:


Awesome! I’ve just about given up on mexican food in Taiwan. I’ve been bitterly disappointed time and time again. The worst is when restaurants claim to have authentic food but I can’t tell what the hell I’m eating. Anyways, I haven’t tried your place, but I’ll give it a shot.


Thanx again to Northcoast surfer, for posting the dual map which is actually the back of our new biz cards. I am very excited for the new location as well, and we really worked hard to get the design right, hopefully you all approve. Special thanx to the previous owners of Sababa for making that place beautiful. Our job was mostly revamping, customizing and upgrading. Anyways, to the person who has disappointed in Mexican food in Taiwan. I feel your pain! Being raised on Mexican food cooked by my Mexican Family that’s from Mexico, I have been invited to many Mexican Places in my 10 years living in Taiwan. Eddy’s Cantina in Danshui has been open for 3 years btw. Anyways Mexican food definitely has a bad name in Taiwan and it is a tough stereotype to break. However we do make everything Fresh including Tortillas(flour and corn), salsa, refried beans, Horchata, etc all in house. So we are trying to change peoples views, one person at a time. We do have Real arroz rojo (Mexican red rice) in our burritos because when we started at our stand with our custom burritos in which we tried to make the whole meal wrapped up in a homemade tortilla. However the good thing about making your own food is that customers can have whatever they want. If you don’t want rice then just mention it to your server, no problem. We have many customers who want bean and cheese or riceless burritos. Actually we have Taiwanese who do the opposite , beanless burritos , but we are here to please so customers can have whatever they want. I have tried many if not all of the Mexican places in Taiwan. I do stand by our food, just let me know what you need and we’ll do our best. Once there was a Tw lady who was marrying a Mexican man and when the Mexican family came to Taiwan they came to my restaurant in danshui almost daily. I of course was super nervous to cook for a Mexican family , including a grandma who wouldn’t eat anything in Taiwan. However in the end they were very pleased with the food and came many times after that. They even bring me little gifts from Mexico when they come back. This is just one of many similar stories. I’m not gonna say that we are the best in tw or in Asia or in Taipei etc i let the other places claim that, i will just say that the recipes come from grandma, mom and family so give us a shot if you really like Mexican food, we hope we can please you. If anybody has any other questions please let me know, my personal email is gsa_soccer@yahoo.com or text me 0919336444 (Eddy’s Personal cell).

See you soon


I’ve just returned from the opening of the new restaurant in Tianmu.

I’m pleased to report that the place was completely packed with customers. There were a few opening-night glitches; but nothing that was a real problem or that won’t be worked out soon once the staff gets more accustomed to the new place.

And, of course, the food was terrific. :thumbsup: