Eddy's Cantina, Tienmu Open (Danshui Closed)


We went to Eddy’s again tonight. The place was hopping as usual.

Any issues there were with slow service have been resolved. We got our food in about 7 or 8 minutes. Service was excellent and friendly.

Eddy has expanded his beverage offerings. My wife had a bottled Nestea, and I had an Anchor lager beer. Fantastic. There is a cider now, and a few other quality beers, in addition to the usual beer and margarita offerings. Jo told me that they are adding new cocktails to the menu next week.

I’ve been buying Eddy’s food for the whole family since he opened his stand earlier this year, and the quality of the food just keeps getting better and better. Eddy has added things like fresh tomatoes to the tacos and burritos, and he’s perfected his sauces and the way he prepares his meats to the point that the chicken tacos I had melted in my mouth.

And now for the big news: Eddy’s is adding ENCHILADAS to the menu next week! :bravo: I’m hungry again, just thinking about it.


Had another great meal at Eddie’s Cantina the other day.

While I may not be a Mexican food expert, I do know what I like and that I’ve liked everything I’ve had there thus far.

This last time I went with a chicken chimichanga, and it was great–nice and crispy on the outside. The chicken inside was very flavorful. Paired this up with an Anchor Steam Liberty Ale, and I was sitting pretty indeed.

Nice to see that the beer selection has greatly improved–Anchor Steam, Hoegaarden, Abbot Ale, and so on. Corona is good with Mexican food, but these new beers are simply a very welcome step up.

As always, Eddie, his wife, and the staff were friendly and attentive. Nice people, great food, great place.

I stocked up on a few burritos before I left, but I will be back again soon.

Oh, and the sauces are fantastic. Both the green and the red are really good. As I told Eddie, he should think of bottling them.


Thanx for all the props and suggestions guys its all very much appreciated. I just want to thank you all again for your continued support of Eddy’s Cantina and we will keep on working on getting new items out to you as fast as possible however not fast enough to compromise quality. Also I’d like to announce that this week we introduced two new menus, our Lunch menu and our new Item menu! Our lunch menu is themed around bowls and is available from monday to friday for lunch. The point of the bowl is to get you in for lunch get your food fast, fresh and inexpensive. Our bowl pricing starts at 99nt! So come and try our Carnita bowl or our Mexi- Breakfast bowl which are already a big hit in the surrounding area. Our second menu is our new item menu, which includes the popular enchilada the way that Eddy’s mom makes them! Other new items include our Ensalada de Pollo and Arroz con pollo. Our Ensalada de pollo is our twist of a Grilled chicken taco salad in a handmade tortilla bowl with our own homemade Cilantro-Lime house dressing with a little spice to give it a kick! Our Arroz con Pollo takes a marinated Chicken breast that is half grilled and half baked to keep the savoury juices in the chicken. Then we slice it and serve it with our classic red rice and salad. I’d love to show you guys some of our Original pics but I’m not sure how to upload them onto the forumosa page. Anyways any tips on the uploading would be greatly appreciated and also, I have a few more new things comming asap. ASAP means gotta wait for the printer to print Ha! Also regarding beer selection thanx for noticing I really do care about the Beer that I have in my Restaurant, I have carefully selected a small but nice selection to suit everybodys needs. We have Corona, Taiwan Beer, Hoegaarden, Abbot Ale, Strongbow Cider, Anchor steam beer, Anchor Liberty Ale and Anchor Porter. So whatever your pleasure we’re sure to have something you will like. So come on down for something to eat, something to drink or just to say Hi. See you soon.



So you got any root beer?


If you can upload them to your own website, which I assume you can & plan to do, you can link to them there.

Use the “Img” button above & paste the website link for the photo itself (not the webpage) between the “Img” and “/Img” tags. Or just type it like this ['img]‘http://photo.jpg[/img’] (but without the apostrophes). Pics should show up fine.

Hoping to make it up there at some point soon … so far to travel, but sounds great! Would be torn between the Horchata and the Hoegaarden though - maybe one of each. You do refills on Horchata???


Eddy and Jo did a wonderful thing. My son was two days old and I couldn’t get up there for a Mexican fix, so they sent me two chicken burrito meals along with a six-pack of Anchor Steam and a beautiful hand-made card.
This is a gesture I won’t soon forget and yes, Jo, you’ll meet the little sandman just as soon as he’s old enough to get out and about.
Many, many thanks to you both.


Our Non alcoholic drinks include coke, sprite, orange fanta, nestea, Dr. pepper, A&W root beer, juice, lemonade, chocolate hot and cold, seasonal fresh smoothies, rooibos tea, and of course HORCHATA! The horchata is made fresh every day as is everything else. The we have never been asked for horchata refills so we’ll take it into consideration, thanx for the suggestion. Also, Congrats once again Sandman on the healthy new baby boy, the little package we sent was the least we could do and we were happy to do it.



Well I have to say that reading some of the posts here I believe for the most part they’ve been positive as they should be. A few folks bothered me saying they believed the prices are too high. It’s very good Mexican food, and it happens to be in Taiwan, and yet people still try to find something to bitch about. First of all, their prices are not that expensive at all, go to nasty ass TGI’s and you easily spend almost double what you spend at Eddy’s for frozen food that’s heated up! The wife, kids and I have driven there twice now from Xindien and we’ll continue to go back and enjoy their good food, and their good service. I do worry about their location a bit, being in Danshui, but I’ve told many foreigners about it and hope that it’s a success. Support it people, it’s just a damn good place to eat!


I just want to thank everybody for there continued support and we always look forward to serving all of you. I just want to announce that starting in December, due to popular demand, Eddy’s Cantina is open seven days a week! So come by any day of the week and enjoy fresh , mexican food made the traditional way. Also to celebrate that we are now opening on tuesdays we are calling our Tuesdays “Taco Tuesdays!” SO on taco tuesdays you get 2 tacos, 2 side dishes for 200 nt! INCLUDING a soda! PLUS no service charge! So yes you can come to Eddy’s Cantina any Tuesday and get 2 tacos of any kind (beans carnitas, steak, chicken, etc ) choose 2 side dishes and get a soda all for flat rate of 200nt and no service charge. So head on over to Danshui on Taco tuesdays and bring your 200nt, your appetite and choose your flavor. We look forward to seeing you on tuesday or any other day of the week.
See you soon

From Eddy’s


Oh yummy, your carnitas tacos, I love 'em! I’ll try to remember to drop in on a Tuesday.

By the way, your new lunch bowls are great, wish I could get over there for lunch more often.


He’s almost big enough.


Eddy, I’ll be seeing you soon when I arrive in Jan. Anchor beer products! With Mex food!


Hey everybody Eddy here and I just wanted to announce the we are having an Xmas set meal special for the week of Christmas (December 20 - December 25) December 25 we will only be open until 2:30 so that we can spend time with the family. The set starts with a soup and a salad followed by the main course. The main course includes Grilled steak and roasted chicken served with red rice, refried beans and a handmade tortilla on the side. Finally then we have the a hot or cold dessert and also a hot or cold drink. Hot drinks include hot rooibos tea, or Mexican coffee. Cold drinks include iced Mexican coffee, iced rooibos tea, horchata or a full pint (16oz.) of Abbot Ale! All for only 599nt single or 999nt for two! So head on over to Danshui and have a Merry Xmas at Eddy’s Cantina and don’t forget to bring a friend and save a little extra money for something special this xmas.

We have already received many reservations for this time so its highly recommended that you reserve by phone asap
(02) 2628-2638

Also we were recently reviewed by a Taiwanese restaurant reviewing website company and they recently posted a video online. The lighting is a bit too bright but its pretty decent. Also it has some English and Chinese in it, check it out. here’s the link


Feliz Navidad and see you soon.

Eddy’s Cantina


We headed out to Eddy’s last Saturday evening.

First off - great food. Very fresh, very tasty. Very friendly service as well.

The only gripe - it took a while to arrive. I guess that’s because it’s made fresh and so takes a little longer. My gf thinks you should raise the prices $10 or $20 and give complimentary chips and salsa to make any waiting seem shorter.

We’ll be back next time we’re out that way.


Happy Holidays everybody just wanna hope everybody had great and safe holidays. I just wanna let everybody know that Eddy’s Cantina will be closed for Chinese New Year from January 24 - January 30. Sorry for the inconvienience but we will go back to my wifes hometown for a break and a recharge and we will be revamping the menu with new items when we come back. Fish Tacos, more salsas like Chipotle Salsa etc, soups and more. Thanx for the support during this very important first 6 months of operation and we hope to see you soon. Happy New year everybody from all of us here at Eddy’s Cantina in Danshui.


You and Jo have a nice vacation. At least I won’t be missing your food, because I’ll be in Thailand, ha.

And Eddy, as far as I’m concerned, your food is always worth the wait. I think raising prices would kinda negate the whole “complimentary” concept on those chips and salsa (that Chipotle is awesome, BTW), so please keep prices low (if you can, given this crap economical situation) so we poor jobless students can continue to eat there.

Catch ya next time!


Hello Eddie,

I stopped by tonight and had a great time. Wicked tacos and good service. Growing up in the service industry I know this is no easy task. I’ll for sure spread the word its worth the haul up to Danshui for your grub.

BTW - I bought 5 tacos to go for my colleagues tomorrow!


I went by Eddy’s again on Friday, 1/23, and again, I had a great meal. I go back every 3 months or so. I would go more often if I live closer, but each time it takes about 50 minutes on MRT to get out there. Anyway, I was informed by Jo that fish taco is now available. I opted for enchiladas instead since I have not had it for a long time. Also, rather than the normal side dishes, now you get to pick 3 out of 5 things. I think the sides were potatoes, chips, rice, beans, and something else. The enchiladas was more oily and soggy than I had before in the States, but there was definitely lots of sauce and moist. Honestly, even though this can not be compared with what I want, this enchiladas is way better than anything else I have tried in Taipei.

By the way, my mom loves the salsa from Eddy’s. I make my own salsa with chunky tomatoes, and blend in the spicy salsa from Eddy’s. My mom commented last time it was so good.

I have a photo of the enchiladas, but since the auto focus on my camera is broken, the image is very blurry.


Finally went a few weeks ago. Got to go. The tacos did the trick for me (more than the burritos and the nachos). But all good. And the jalepenos!

Can’t wait for a second branch to be opened a bit closer to where I live (hint, hint!).


Buenas Dias, Y’all! I just got back from Mexico and I’d like to say that Eddie’s food seems to be quite authentic. He has his own style, which is a leetle beet deeferent than most of the stuff I ate in Mexico, but it’s his own authentic interpretation, based on local ingredients and tastes.

Overall, Eddie’s stuff seems cleaner, leaner, and just as fresh if not fresher. His ingredients and recipes are 100% Mexican and not Tex-Mex. He uses more wheat tortillas because of the limited availability of corn flour here, and the guacamole portions are less generous than in Mexico. But the quality of the meat and other ingredients is better than any of the antojitos I had on my trip. And believe it or not, his prices are about the same as in Mexico!

Basically, Eddie seems to be making gourmet antojitos (small snacks, like tacos etc) that are totally authentic. I’ll be going back to Eddie’s for a meal as soon as I finish bingeing on Chinese food!