Eddy's Cantina, Tienmu Open (Danshui Closed)


Let me add my endorsement of Eddy’s, as if it needs another one after 16 pages of compliments.

We went there yesterday for lunch. I called ahead to make sure they were open, but under-estimated the travel time on the MRT and didn’t get there till 2:00. Eddy was kind enough to stay open past their lunch hour for us and gave us a meal that made the long trek well worth it.

Just a word on the location. Zhongshan Rd. is the busy main thoroughfare and not the small street in the “old town.” Just follow Zhongshan going toward the ocean (approx. 10 min walk). Eddy’s is located at the fork near the top of the hill.


It’s at the bottom of the hill on the right, isn’t it?


No, it was an uphill climb for us.


No. Quite the opposite. It’s near the top of the hill on the left.


It’s uphill both directions… unless going the other way, then it is downhill both directions…


And after all that good food, you’ll need the walk! I live further up the hill from Eddy, and I always appreciate that 15-minute trek after I’ve stuffed myself at the Cantina :lick: .

Can I just gloat a little bit about how close I live to the best Mexican food in Taiwan? :discodance:


I went there once, but was disappointed with the enchiladas; the sauce was lacking in flavor.

The service and kindness of the employees makes up for it though. Maybe I should give it another go and order something else.


So, Saturday night I came home after a long day at the office and the wife surprises me with an Eddy’s Cantina dinner consisting of carne asada burritos, tortilla chips, fresh salsa, and Corona beer. Yeah! What a wonderful meal for the end of my work week. Experiencing the delicious flavors of Eddy’s Cantina reminds me so much of the Mexican food I loved when I lived in San Diego California. To Eddy and Jo, thanks for opening your restaurant up here on the northcoast where we are able to enjoy your culinary skills so often! :notworthy:

For anybody who hasn’t tried Eddy’s Cantina, you need to make a trip to Danshui and give it a go. If you enjoy authentic Mexican food, you’ll love Eddy and Jo’s restaurant, I guarantee it!


Went yesterday afternoon to Eddy’s Cantina. It was probably the best meal I have had in Taiwan in a long time. The service was friendly and perfect, the food was beyond fantastic and into a new indescribable feeling, and I wish he would open up a shop in Changhua. You’d think I’m exaggerating, but I love Mexican food and living here for so long has been hard without it. It was great to now have a place I could go.

Thanks, Eddy, for a great meal.


After reading so much good about this place here I went there a while ago. While it might be true that it’s the best Mexican food in Taiwan, I found it to be good, but nothing to write home about. But yes, the owners (or at leats the people that worked there) are nice :slight_smile:

So maybe it’s just that the other “Mexican” places in Taiwan are so bad or localized? Hmmm… it might not be “authentic”, but I enjoyed “Chili’s” near Warner Village at least as much. But then, I am no authority on authenticy of Mexican food at all :wink:


I don’t get the point of this post. You admit you’re no authority on the authenticity of Mexican food (which was an utterly redundant comment in view of the fact that you mention Chili’s in the same breath as Mexican!).
And all you can come up with is “nothing to write home about.” If that’s the best you can muster in the face of several pages of unfailingly positive reviews, you’ll forgive me if I just laugh off your non-review as completely unworthy of consideration, yes?
We LOVE restaurant reviews here at the Flob, good AND bad. We DON’T love non-reviews such as “nothing to write home about” unless you can be more specific.
I, on the other hand, AM an authority on the authenticity of Mexican food, as are several of the other posters in this thread – some of whom are in fact actual Mexicans and I find Eddie’s food to be as authentic as handed-down Mexican family recipes can be (which is what he uses, and which are considerably more “authentic” than the mass-produced crap served up at Chili’s).


People are allowed to say they like Chili’s better than Eddy’s.
I wouldn’t mind some cheapo greasy tacos and some bean burritos. I’m just not gourmet enough.
I’ve been to Eddy’s once and thought it was good. But I’m no expert.


[quote=“Dr. McCoy”]People are allowed to say they like Chili’s better than Eddy’s.

I agree that people can say that. I also feel that people like that should consider masturbation is better than sex, Fox News is more authentic than fact, and the GEPT is more authentic than actual English tests.


I’m sorry. I was overly harsh. The point I was trying to make is that it’s not about whether a person likes Chilis better or whatever. Its about making comments a bit more revealing than just “good, but nothing to write hme about.” Presumably if you went to a place and was later moved sufficiently about your experience to pass comment on it, you’d make some passing comment about exactly which parts you found “good” and which parts were “nothing to write home about.”
Don’t forget that the people writing the menus are probably reading this thread. If you were to say “too salty,” “not enough chili,” “the guacamole was made in a giant machine in fucking Detroit, frozen, thawed, and dumped in a tiny wee bowl still with bits of ice in it” – oops, sorry, that’s Chili’s, not Eddy’s – then chances are you’d get a reply along the lines of “shit, man, I’m sorry you weren’t that impressed! Really, just have a word with your waitress next time and I’m pretty sure I can accommodate your taste preferences.”
It’s a two-way street. Plus, a name like Olm doesn’t sound like Canadian or Yanqi. Maybe Scandanavian? Not too much in the way of Mexican over there. Eddy would probably be only too happy to hear how his food goes down with people from other places. “Good, but nothing to write home about” doesn’t really provide a lot of clarity – for either Eddy or other readers.
That’s all, I wasn’t trying to come down on anybody here, as I’m a fully responsible moderator in full and complete control of his faculties.


I’m glad to hear that they are having a good supply of customers. I’d go there more often if they weren’t so far away.


Hey, you have blue eyes too. Don’t forget we taught you how to pillage and sunder. :moon: :wink:

I am a big fan of Eddy and Jo. A couple of the nicest restaurateurs in Taiwan. Good food, prices and people. My bad for not posting anything before since I’ve been lazy. (not that anyone listens to me)

I’m also with the Dr. that I wish they had a place in Taipei.

Last week I stopped by for an order of carnitas (taco), chicken chimichanga, enchilada, and burrito. All to go. They heated up beautifully the next day.

The carnitas are excellent. The meat is soooooo tender and delicious. I could eat that everyday (with mash/potato) :laughing: As an aside, I hope they investigate/invent more types of salsa.

Overall, they are the best for a multitude of reasons.


Sandman, I understand what you mean, and I agree I gave way too little details. So let me explain some more, maybe this makes it clearer what I meant with “nothing to write home about”:

I read glowing reviews here, also on hungryintaipei.blogspot.com/ , and I was extremely looking forward to the best Mexican food in Taiwan, maybe even the best in my life… Even “original” mexicans wrote it’s soooo good, and the countries I tried mexican food in so far (Germany, US bay area, US northwest, plus the surely less than original Tex-Mex-whatever of “Chilis” here) probably didn’t have authentic Mexican food. Still, so far I enjoyed the “not really mexican”, and I am generally a big fan of spicy (and not only meaning spicy hot) food.

So I went there with two friends - my Taiwanese girlfriend who likes and knows western food, and one German who I have been going to many Mexican restaurants in Germany with. So, basically no authorities on Mexican food at all, but people who generally enjoy eating (and cooking) good food from many countries.

We all ordered Burritos, and as far as I remember (it was in January after all) everyone ordered one with different meat. Well, to me they simply tasted much, much more bland than I expected (and yes, I like refried beans :wink: ). If memory serves me right they also were a wee bit on the cold side and took quite long, but that’s things I already learned to ignore in Taiwan. What else we had I don’t remember (probably some Tacos) but it was eaten with similar lack of extreme enthusiasm. The other two had the same VERY high expectations, and felt the same about it. Maybe it’s the way original Burritos should taste like, but all I can say is that we three agreed it’s a nice little restaurant, but nothing sooooo special to us that would justify to take the trip to Danshui especially for that.

Sandman, since you are an expert at Mexican food: Which dish there would you recommend to someone like me, who loves spicy food - eg. food that has a strong taste from spices. I love eating hot, too - but it doesn’t necessarily need to be for me to like it. Maybe we all simply just didn’t order the right thing for our tastes… which can, in my experience, ruin the restaurant experience even for the best restaurants. Maybe I’ll give it another try, since I am in Danshui very often anyway :slight_smile:


Good Mescan food, like all good food, is a true blessin’…I miss good it here…and I dearly miss one of my most favorite meals for desayuno …

some folks know what I’m talkin’ about!


I’m not Sandman, but I highly recommend Eddie’s carnitas tacos, and if you’re able to go midweek for lunch, the carnitas rice bowl is a flaming mouthful of spicy hot, if you add his red salsa to the jalapenos it already contains. :slight_smile: I love it!

One thing I’ve noticed about food here in Taiwan (no matter where I eat) is that it’s never salty enough for me. Luckily, at Eddie’s I can go grab a salt shaker and salt to my taste. That may be why you thought the food was bland, they may be leaving the salting to the customers in order to appeal to the Taiwanese tastebuds.


[quote=“TainanCowboy”]Good Mescan food, like all good food, is a true blessin’…I miss good it here…and I dearly miss one of my most favorite meals for desayuno …

some folks know what I’m talkin’ about![/quote]