Edinburgh Trip

I’m treating myself to a 3 night trip to Edinburgh after my last exam. Anyone ever been or know the area? I have been to Scotland once like 15 years ago so I don’t remember anything about besides that it’s beautiful.

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Take an umbrella with you, it will be needed. A walk along the Royal Mile with rest stops at every bar for a Scotch is a good way to spend a rainy day too.

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and please, don’t ask for a Scotch. Just ask for a whisky.


The Glenkinchie distillery is not far from Edinburgh. Makes for a great day trip!

Brew Dog is very popular.

Also, have you tried Five Guys? They usually give you a bunch of extra fries.

And a short trip on a train across the Forth Rail Bridge is a good way of using up a couple of hours too. There are actually three bridges there now - the 1890 Rail Bridge, and the 2 road bridges - the 1964 Suspension Bridge and the 2017 Cable Stayed Bridge. I have travelled over the first 2, the 3rd wasn’t open at the time (2015).

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I like BrewDog. They have one near my house as well.

you know, there’s this old castle thingie atop the town.

and you could get into a fight if you’re lucky, after your whisky.

When we were there the first time in 2013, they were setting up for the Edinburgh Tattoo and the whole forecourt was a construction zone. One of the walking guides said that the Tattoo disrupts things for about 3 months while they set up and then pull it down.

Relevant information: the Edinburgh Tattoo this year is 6-28 August, 2021, with usual COVID question marks around it. I’m guessing that @Andrew0409 is going well before that?

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I’m going end of this month.

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Went there in 2015.
Loved the city. Easy to walk around.
We arrived by train from London and then 2 days later rented a car and drove around Scotland visiting castles.

What did you think of the city?

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Was nice. Probably good enough to enjoy in 2 days.

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People I know who lived there liked it a lot. Two days though :laughing:

I’ve never been so I guess two days is better than nothing

Did try any food or drinks, that are different or local? I also did a short visit, but sadly did not or drink anything local.