Editor asleep at the wheel?

I originally read this article in the Taipei Times.


“Liu wants to paint a portrait of each of the hundred-or-so Tibetans who have self-immolated over the past three years, as a way of bearing witness to one of the biggest waves of fiery protests in recent history.”

Is this an unintentional pun, or an appropriate adjective?

Is this an unintentional pun, or an appropriate adjective?[/quote]

Clearly you do not read the Taipei Times much. That is a compliment. However, in my case, the demands of work make it expedient, on occasion. If you were in a similar situation, you would have drawn the resulting, glaringly obvious conclusion that this was an inappropriate adjective, otherwise known as an “error”. Though I suppose that a small possibility does exist that it is an intentional (and inappropriate) pun.