eDonkey server shut, site operator arrested

woah :astonished:

damn, that sucks. eDonkey has been a great resource for finding obscure stuff–much of it no longer under copyright, or entirely unavailable elsewhere.

So that’s why I can only get the Spanish version of everything! Ahhhh!

Don’t remind me in my Polnish Windows XP

… hey, joke, of course we do not download any Windows from the internt, even if the bloody damned cursed foogin’ computer dealers only give a useless recovery CD instead of an OS CD. Never, it is illegal!

my Shareeza prog has been non-functional of late. Enter a title/artist, hit earch and nothing returns - no hits at all, on anything.

Could this be associated with its not working?

Here is an article about the bust slyck.com/news.php?story=1102

Anyone using eMule knows however, that there are already more than 100 other alternative servers already in place. At last measurement, 3.5 million people were still happily using the eDonkey network. They simply clicked on a different server.

Furthermore, eMule has run Kad in parallel for more than a year, in anticipation of this. If they ever take down the other 100+ servers, everyone is already using Kad anyway. With Kad, there is no centralized server to confiscate and send out press releases about. slyck.com/news.php?story=1104

Yeah, they’re winning the war on piracy, just like we’re winning the war in Iraq… or the war on drugs… or the war on poverty… Give me a break! When will people learn not to believe the hype?